an Arab view of the war

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  • JT

    thought you would find this interesting, one of the guys here at work is muslium so while we are surfing CNN AND MSNBC HE IS OVER HERE ON AN ARAB site getting the "truth" about the war as he puts it


    you got to love that word phrase-- THE TRUTH

  • dubla


    thanks for the link.....pretty funny stuff. i love the lack of sources throughout most of the article,

    Added one army officer, “The top guys are concerned the right guys didn’t get there.’’ Those who feel that way include senior officers now in the Gulf, he said.

    watchtoweresque if you asked me.....and yet the bush administration/u.s. media is supposedly the propaganda giant, lol.


  • JT

    that was what we kept telling the guy here man you got no sources beyond THEY SAID-

    you got to love it- like we told him despite what the us does with all those reporters there looking for a story, if some soldier mowed down 25 children that would be headline news

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