JWorg & Scientology both have child sex abuse coverups within

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  • mrmagic

    Just watched Leah Remini's Season 2 Episode 1 about the child sexual abuse within Scientology and the coverups. The same cookie-cutter patterns as what we have with the Jehovah's WItnesses. They have mention Australia and I'm wondering if the Australian Royal Commission will one day investigate Scientology. In any case, I think it's really great that Leah Remini is doing this on national television, so that people in general can become aware of these things and hopefully one day we'll see a positive change for the better. My heart goes out to the victims and survivors. Here's the link to watch in case you're interested https://rutube.ru/video/29b4084b94b755713656c0d63e0db1a3/?ref=search

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Pretty cool, mrmagic.. I also believe when JWs hear about it from another source, then come to the knowledge it is happening "within this clean borganization" it just might "click"

  • flipper

    Mr. Magic - Thanks for posting this thread. My wife and I watched this season 2 first episode as well about the two women who were molested . One by her Scientologist dad , and the other by a Scientology higher up. Our hearts just ached for these poor women as they tried to compose themselves while telling their horrific stories. I think my eyes were red from crying by the time this show was over as it was SO like what happens in the JW organization with the cover-ups , the shunning due to exposing the molester, etc. If ANY of you get a chance to watch this show- I highly recommend it. It will send freaking chills down your spine. And motivate you to want to expose these cults even more ! That any of these crimes can and do still happen in many religions with perpetrators getting away with it - is just barbaric in and of itself

  • mrmagic

    Cha ching thanks and you're right that it just may click. Flipper it was really sad wasn't it. Totally know where you're coming from on that and yes please watch this show if you are an activist or someone who cares about children being safe. Even the adults aren't very safe.

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