A parallel to war

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  • Gig

    Do any of you see the similarities between Saddam's propaganda and the WTS's? Saddam's telling everyone that Iraq is winning and that it is God's will, he lies and deceives to maintain his position, and he's breaking the international laws of the Geneva convention. The WTS tells everyone that they are the only ones with God's backing, they lie and deceive to maintain themselves, and they break the most fundamental laws of the Bible to meet their ends. Love one another doesn't seem to apply to war, nor does it seem to apply to the WTS.

    Would you agree that true christianity begins when two people, equal in Bible knowledge and practice, disagree on some doctrinal point? Do they continue to accept and love one another? The tremendous unity that the WTS boasts is IMHO uniformity based on fear, instead of the pure and simple Bible truth setting love above ALL things.

    At times it's difficult, really a lack of faith on my part, to trust God's promise of judgement. Especially with regard to timing. I'm watching the US and others take immediate action to eliminate evil. When I slow down enough I can take comfort knowing God will do the same to the WTS...when He decides the time is right. In the meantime I suspect He allows them continued relative success in order to test all of those who claim to know better and behave accordingly. Like many of you I have been thoroughly angry with evil thoughts of my own, therefore I fail the test. I'm told to love even my enemies...the WTS doesn't do it...sometimes I don't either.

    It's just sad. So many good people trying so hard to do the right thing, which ultimately is not. Deceiving themselves and deceiving others. Can anybody out there take comfort knowing the truth even while the ones who don't are suffering so? Do you see the similarity where the US and others agree that war is more desirable than Saddam's continued evil? Well, in God's perfect time, His will WILL be done.

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