I've Returned

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  • m3tadata

    Hello Friends

    Recently I had been reflecting back on my past life as a Witness, and happened to find myself googling Jehovah Witnesses and ended up on this website. I was once an active lurker and occasional poster on this site about 7 years ago when I was exiting the Organization and had always enjoyed reading others experiences and topics. For some reason, more than likely just life, I stopped coming here and thought this site was no longer in existence, but was happy to find myself here just the other night.

    What a journey and how far I have come. Baptized and married at 19, ministerial servant and father in my early 20's, reproved thrice and disfellowshipped by 25; I've lost a marriage, never get to see my kids, have one on the way and have started my college education...all in 7 years. Life seems to be coming together. Sure there are mistakes and many things that need straightened out but never have I regretted leaving the Watchtower, seeing the real truth, making a real life. In a way I can relate to Adam, after partaking of the forbidden fruit, condemned, with an entire world open to me. Its good to be here again.

  • zeb

    welcome aboard.

    A huge amount has changed since you were last here. The wt has flipped the flop on so many issues that anyone resurrected from a mere 20 years ago would not recognise it. Let alone the scandals.

  • punkofnice

    Hello 'M3'. The jobos believe all differently to 7 years ago. It's a totally different religion. I'm glad I left the WBT$, they're getting more bonkers all the time.

    Enjoy life.

  • Onager

    There was another forum which closed down in the last few years. Ex-Witnesses.com or something like that? Maybe that was the site you were thinking of?

    Anyway, welcome aboard!

  • Good JW
    Good JW

    Hello M3tadata, welcome! I too discovered this site about 6 years ago while having questions about "the truth". Have just come back after my world was turned upside-down and realised what was behind the curtain :) Been out for about 5 years now and there's no turning back, nor do I desire to. Just waiting on others in my congregation now, including a close childhood friend, although not holding my breath.

    Even though some of what you've described is pretty crappy, you are very fortunate to have discovered this while relatively young; still got a great road ahead! Sadly for some they don't discover The Truth About The Truth (TTATT) until much later in life. This happened with a JW friend of mine, he just "woke up" after 50+ years of 100% dedication to the org (AKA a self aggrandising publishing company who get free labour). He's very frustrated about that, being 60 years old and knowing you've wasted all that time.

  • Pistoff

    Welcome back!

  • scratchme1010

    Welcome. I'm glad that your departure from the JWs has been a positive one for you. Many ex-JWs don't realize that part of the brainwashing isn't only what they are made believe about their practices and doctrine, but they are also brainwashed to believe that their lives are no supposed to matter if they leave.

    I'm glad that you didn't drink that koolaid.

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