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  • Jehovah lol
    Jehovah lol

    I'm sure many of you are aware of the JWTalk site, a message board which has yet to succumb to apostasy (give it time).

    Some of the forums there are visible to the public, and I've seen some crazy stuff. Here is a sampling:

    "Satan is really trying his best to make things worst for the witnesses, knowing the 6,000 years is almost up, from Eve's CREATION!"

    It looks like JWs are still well into their numerology. It just shows the mental contortions they'll resort to in order to convince themselves they're living close to the end. This one is particularly desperate though. The bible gives no indication of when Eve was created so it's pointless to even consider her creation as a factor if you're so inclined to think in such a way.

    Later in the same thread a poster mentions how JWs once thought that the end would come in 1975 because they 'read too much into the Watchtower's words' and that the WTS 'never said the end would come in 1975'. They really are deluded.

    In a thread about the 1988 Revelation book, someone has a moment of promising curiosity.

    "I wonder why the organization chose to delete it from the website, especially after we studied it multiple times!"

    Yes, I wonder. Not to worry though, a genius is on hand to solve the problem.

    "It was outdated since it was from 30 years ago [as of 2018]. A new one is likely in the works since publications are often deleted before a new version is made. Shows how close to the Great Tribulation we are. When the "Finished Mystery" came out {Primarily a judgement message against Babylon the Great in 1917} then two years later was the spiritual fall of Babylon the Great in 1919. So perhaps a new Revelation book will come out again just before the Great Tribulation and the final fall of Babylon the Great."

    The cognitive dissonance is strong with this one. In the very next post in the thread, someone offers an extended list of 'clarified beliefs' since 1988, without a hint of irony. How can people be so blind? The list includes everything from the feet in Nebuchadnezzar's dream image to couples drinking alcohol together before being engaged.

    "The meeting of President Trump with his military was the same night that Belshazzar met with his military.The night of October 5. Sure is a coincidence and does not mean absolutely nothing is just coincidence. This autumn feels different. The world is falling apart but Jehovah's organization continues to move forward and up. Truly we can not give up now more than ever. Only a love and an unshakable faith along with loyalty, endurance and courage will help us to continue and pass the final test. The undeserved kindness of Jehovah will be with all those who are loyal to him."

    The world is not falling apart and the WTS is begging for money. But keep telling yourself everything is going to plan. If you really think the world is falling apart then maybe you should open a history book and educate yourself on how difficult life used to be, before we had medicine and an understanding of hygiene, and the life expectancy was barely 50.

    "Sounds like the world scene is about to start changing, now is the time to hold on to Jehovah's chariot and not let go!"

    In fairness, a chariot is positively modern compared to the modes of transport we'd have to settle for in the New System.

    "I think they are talking about how in the greek scriptures the only way they can put Jehovah in the text is recognixing where in the hebrew the quotes are from and so they are putting jehovah back in where those quotes are............ why they aren't there in the first place is a little strange to me... but i'm not a scholer or translator so.... but i understand the logic.... just not why the greek text don't use jehovah's name anywayz?"

    Instead of asking why the New Testament doesn't use Jehovah's name, why not try to find out why the WTS shoehorned Jehovah into the New Testament instead? The answer may prove enlightening.

    This thread bemoans gay marriage in Australia and contains predictably disturbing bigotry and hysterics. 'Oh won't someone think of the children!'

    There's a thread in which some crackpot scholar is praised for claiming Jesus didn't die on a cross. Iv'e never understood why JWs get so hung up (pun unintended) on the position of Jesus's hands when he died. I can't think of anything less important.

    There's also the inevitable smattering of threads and posts about how bloodless surgery vindicates the Watchtower's position on transfusions, even though their reasoning is entirely doctrinal, not medical.

    Feel free to share any that you've found as well.

  • steve2

    This is at least the third time this post has been re-posted. I'm not sure what the point is - but it's a bit like internal spam. I'm in process of notifying Simon.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    The same happened to me a couple of weeks ago.

    The post -- new thread -- never went through the three processing steps. When I effected a page change, I received a warning that I would lose my post. Yet, some three or four identical posts showed over a period of days. Over a similar time period, other members have commented likewise regarding their posts.

    Just like here.

  • steve2

    Thanks co-co. That likely explains it. Here I went personalizing it!

  • darkspilver

    compound complex: never went through the three processing steps

    It doesn't need too - just the first 'upload' one is sufficient - it will then either appear straight-away, or if you've been posting too much, or too quickly, it'll be queued to appear later.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, steve2 and darkspilver -- that helps.

    I never quite got the mechanics/electronics of it until these recent queries and subsequent explanations. I figured it was my very old DELL giving me the business. My equally old but more expensive Apple PowerBook doesn't even allow me to interact here; I can only read text -- there are no images, etc.

    Hence, my initial reasoning on the ineptitude of my ancient equipment.

    darkspilver: Thus, despite the warning, posts do go through? Well, obviously they had, but it's only on a new thread.

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