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  • Isambard Crater
    Isambard Crater

    I'm P.I.M.O but decided to sign the G.D.P.R form to prevent raising any red flags with the Elders. I may even use the G.D.P.R rules in the future to ask for my data, as the Elders have refused to give me a copy of judicial letters from the brand about me in the past. Is this dodgy or did they have grounds to withhold the brand letters about me?

    Anyway, I'm not overly concerned my data will end up being sent from the Britain branch to a country where rules are much softer, as the J.W's would then be in breach of G.D.P.R. I'm slightly worried they will automatically apply G.D.P.R to sniffing around Publisher's medical records like it says they can do on the new Blood Card. I haven't signed the new style Blood Card, but even if I had, can they request access to medical records for no good reason, if you're not even in an accident or in Hospital?

    Also, thinking about G.D.P.R more widely, do Forums like this have to do anything about it because they've technically stored names and E-Mail addresses?

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