Watchtower and UK Government

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  • pleaseresearch

    The fact that Marc and Cora have done amazing work in getting this talked about in the UK parliament soon is great news. Seeing that Watchtower came out on the broadcast and made it crystal clear they will never change. They really are going to look bad now. If mounting pressure comes upon the organisation to make sweeping changes in order to protect children, thus doing away with the two witness rule. It can happen. If they know that countries will ban them especially in places like the UK where they have a good following and make good money I'm sure. They will make changes if they are forced to.

    But this will look very bad, especially that Satan's wicked system has forced them to make this change.

    Or they stay with the two witness rule and Watchtower and also JW's will now get a horrible reputation for covering up this stuff before and even now. If is happens to a child today.

    It's not looking good for Watchtower.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    I feel that the org's televised statement which defiantly states they will not abolish the two-witness rule will have been passed on to the UK Charity Commission to consider. If the CC considers that such a stance does not meet with the criteria and expected standards for a charity, we could see the org being given an ultimatum - either drop your two-witness rule for paedophile accusations, or lose your charitable status. Guess what option they'll choose? Chilean flags in Kingdom Halls or monetary fines spring to mind!

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