I Have a Rough Experience Story About Not Allowing Me to Celebrate Christmas

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    I have a rough experience story to share with you:

    January 2, 2006 – “Why I Want to Celebrate Christmas"

    About Christmas that June, a devout Jehovah's Witness sister asked me of why I want to celebrate it.

    June: Why do you want to celebrate Christmas?

    I, Loi: Because of I want to receive the gifts.

    June: Okay. Do you think that Christmas is in the Bible?

    I, Loi: No.

    June: God does not accept people celebrate Christmas yearly. So you need to keep your business by Christmas and make your own plan to invite someone for dinner, watching the movie, playing the games or whatever. Okay?

    I, Loi: Okay.

    June offered me to read the references with thesaurus and dictionary. But I did it. She thought that I didn’t do it. Then she drove me to home. Alright. Hey! What June said to me about Christmas is not matching Colossians 2:16, 17. She think she does match Colossians 2:16 but not. She judges, God does not accept people celebrate Christmas yearly. Hey June, Jesus Christ does not punish people celebrate whatever they felt they should be. They are God’s children and belong to the Christ. Like, what the scriptures Matthew 2:1-12 and Luke 2:6-35 tell you, June. Christ was born to reveal the world and that is exciting news. This is why we should celebrate “Christmas”, I’m not saying Santa Claus but Jesus is the gift. He is Saviour. So June, if you don’t accept Jesus is Saviour as 100% but accept Governing Body, then you will go to the hell anyway. Don’t, thus, tell me what I not to do. You can’t judge me celebrate Christmas. Got it?

    January 7, 2006 – “Get No Gifts”

    I, Loi: Why Jehovah’s Witnesses always complain about people celebrate Christmas?

    Mother: I don’t know. I think it is really bad. Because of the Bible does not accept that.

    Actually, it is in Matthew 2:11, 12 (Add to today scriptures Matthew 2:1-12 and Luke 2:6-35) explains about the three wise men went to see the baby Jesus with the gifts. This should fit Christmas.

    I, Loi: If we don’t celebrate Christmas, what shall we do?

    Mother (feeling angry): What do you mean “what shall we do?” Do you know why people celebrate Christmas?

    I, Loi: Because of they want to get the gifts.

    Mother: No, you are wrong! It’s not because of wanting to get the gifts. It is because of people believe that Jesus was born on December 25th. And that is the devil’s work! The Bible does not accept that!

    I felt lonely in a Baby Shower. Because of none of them understand how I feel. I feel hurt and I cry. It’s not fair when Jehovah’s Witnesses say No to me celebrate Christmas. I’m 21 years old! (Now, I’m 30s something still my human right is abused by Jehovah’s Witnesses and my mother. I currently am fighting for freedom. It’s sad to see that Jehovah’s Witnesses taking advantage of freedom Oh, thanks America for allowing me to keep Jehovah’s Witness religion! and at the same time abuse someone’s right to join which religion they want. So Jehovah’s Witnesses though going to door to door, annoy the non-Jehovah’s Witnesses and convince them to believe that religion. Remember Galatians 5:19-21? Jehovah’s Witnesses will not inherit God’s Kingdom anyway.) They should free me! Bitches! Add to continue Mother: Why Jehovah’s Witnesses complain about people celebrate Christmas?

    I, Loi: Because of they are getting tired of that.

    Mother: Me too! I’m tired of Christmas.

    Do you see the two Samples-June & Mother? They are judging people celebrate Christmas which not match Colossians 2:16, 17. As well as Jehovah’s Witnesses do judging Christmas celebrants, too. That’s sad.

    But, I may be wrong about interpreting Colossians 2:16, 17. Have anyone know what that scripture means?

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