Dying Out Loud

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    My interviews are usually with ex-JWs but this one is different. You'll see a few things we had in common with Pentecostals, including shunning in this one particular church, and more important you'll get inspired to live your moments well. This man is on the clock with a terrible disease but he has such a great outlook on life.

    - New Episode - 31 - Dave Warnock - Dying Out Loud

    Today we have a story that’s different than the norm. We’re going to get to know Dave Warnock, former pastor and member of a charismatic evangelical Pentecostal church who is shunned by his children. But the story is bigger than that. Dave has been diagnosed in the last few months with ALS, sometimes commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, and he knows that he only has a finite time left in his life. This is truly inspiring story and we talk about a subject that few want to talk about, death. More than that, we talk about life, as death isn’t as scary as never truly living.

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