Overcoming CONversation Stoppers...

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  • Huxley

    Do you folks remember that section in the reasoning book? I recall several service meeting parts where we were supposed to "keep pitching" after someone said, "I'm not interested." or "I'm busy."

    Cute, catchy little zingers like, "Well our message is geared for busy people."

    One Saturday morning the householder said "I'm not interested." and I thought I would push it a little bit and try to overcome the conversation stopper. I asked, "Is it religion in general you are not interested in, or the bible?"

    They shot back, "I'm not interested in YOU being HERE, now LEAVE!"

    I got the hell out of there, and decided that if someone said they were busy or not interested, it didn't mean, "Please tell me more."


  • Xena

    ROFL Huxley...I tried using a Conversation Stopper ONE time and just like you I got blown out of the water!!!!

    GOD I hated service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • goofy

    Well, think about it in real life situations. If you ask a person out on a date and they tell you they are not interested and you keep pushing, you would be considered a stalker. I think it is the same. When someone says no, they mean no. Leave them alone.

  • Sentinel

    Oh, my yes. We had an answer for everything.They really did train is well in the art of door to door peddling didn't they?

  • Witch Child
    Witch Child

    Sad, isn't it? Like one of you said; in real life no means NO. In SALES situations salespeople are trained to get 3 "NOs" before they give up... but that is usually only effective on a salesfloor... where people have come to shop or browse anyway. Really jws should be thinking of telemarketers... do they really enjoy it when a telemarketer keeps pushing? But the GB who sets the rules is like the head of any other corporation; they don't care whether their insignificant salespeople are humiliated, yelled at or what not... they only care about sales! Forget the fact that all the rank and file are supposedly their cherished siblings... Gods, it makes me sick.... ~Witch

  • archangel01

    I Just follow Jesus input "Let your Yes mean Yes an your No, No"

    Just go's to show you the wts doesn't listen to people or the bible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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