New documentary on pedophilia with english subtitles

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  • yalbmert99
  • aboveusonlysky

    Thanks for the post, very helpful, I'll watch them later today.

  • smiddy

    Thanks for posting this with english sub-titles Excellent coverage ..These videos should be shared as wide as possible,the more exposure of this religion the better.

    Why ?

    Because it better informs the public the danger they face with their children being a potential victim from a D2D visit by a pedo .

    And it will also put added pressure on the BORG to do more to protect their own children in the organisation by complying with the ARC recommendations to improve their policys in protecting children from sexual abuse.

  • Vidiot

    Link, "like", and hashtag the shit out of it.

  • AndersonsInfo

    FYI, I asked the reporter, who was responsible for the Quebec documentary, whether the media company she worked for was responsible for the English subtitles which I noticed were inadequate and sometimes missing, this was her reply:

    "The translation is not our doing; we just noticed it (and its poor quality) this morning. We are set to do ours Wednesday of next week, to be downloaded to YouTube Thursday or Friday. In the meantime, it is being properly translated by an English-speaking reporter. It should be a mix of voice-overs and subtitiles for the French interviews."
    As soon as I find out that this documentary with English subtitles produced by Radio-Canada(CBC) in Quebec is on YouTube, I'll post the link here.


  • yalbmert99

    Thanks to all for your comments!

    Barbara : I didn't do the translation, I don't know who did it.But thanks for the heads up! We'll be waiting for the official translation.

  • Faded

    Did anyone find a copy of the 3rd video with subtitles? I'm only getting French in the one above.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    The Canadians did an excellent job, being very frank, getting to the root of the problem, they are quite frank in their assessment of the situation.

    The details are great, but it's too late for me to elaborate. Please watch all four of these videos, it sounds like Canada is upset over this situation, and they aren't holding back!


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