The tradition of the parents

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    I grew up and still live in SW Canada adjacent o the Pacific Northwest. This means I had little experience with harsh winters or tornados etc. Just rainy winters and sunny summers.

    Now n the 90s when I was a teen I of course wanted independence like all teens. But my parents were sneaky. See when I was a child they NEVER exposed me to music other then kingdom songs or Raffi (Look him up... i met him) Since at 15-16 I was into electronics and cb radios I developed a conservatives fa├žade that persisted until abbot 30. See I wanted a wife. and a sister from the Philippines was in my hall and.. well.. search my previous posts... lol

    But around this same time as I was married I realized how I was lied to was exposed. how do I deal? At first I thought I could stay a JW even as a non belier.. nope.. It made me so so angry to sit at the hall.So I came clean to my wife slowly... and even elders in a passive wa.s Now i''m PIMO but thanks to covid I'm mostly out.i-*

    Hey Ex Ws stop F**king around and start moving! Covid is here!) Yes I revealed to non jw workmates I was a non jw but not to push Christmas crap with me cause its digesting!

    My workmates which number 3 lol... (I work at night then in afternoon on my book) used to think I was timid fool.. but once I explained I was and EXJW they changed to a respectful mode .Yes in fact I'm now thanks to my revelation considered by warmates a strong person even by Christians at work.

    The point of this is that our parents screwed mnay of us up. For some of them it's WAR!

    But for most like me it's peace.. let 'pull people out of the fire" -Jude

    I'm more fro being a spy and going in wit guns loaded. (not literally.. for the fools)

    Imsagine when one man goes for Judicial meeting and five other follow him to bear witness.. what can the elders do.. shut it down?? what if one records ht proceedings? see??

    I'm saying I'm F**king glad to be in the 21st century! We own brooklyn. And that is the reason i refuse to debate more then one or two post with fundies, on here.,

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    are you still married to your Pinay wife ?

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