Double Standards?

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  • HereIgo

    I always found it interesting how there are Doctors at bethel and jw lawyers, when the org frowns on pursuing higher education. I guess it's ok if it's for their benefit?

  • Chook

    Don't listen to what they say watch what they do. Just like at assemblies they say we don't hand around collection plate yet tell everyone we are in deficit of thousands , when in reality it costs next to zero to run an assembly.

  • ToesUp

    I have asked that exact question. This is what I was told. "As long as it was for Kingdom interests, it is ok." Really? You just can't make this sh*t up!

  • scratchme1010

    I always found it interesting how there are Doctors at bethel and jw lawyers, when the org frowns on pursuing higher education. I guess it's ok if it's for their benefit?

    Double standards exist in many different ways in the WT. Ask any JW woman and you will see how some perfect JW moron can enjoy better privileges and better standing in a given congregation simply for being a man, and how perfectly capable women can't do much but giving suggestions at best, just because they are women.

    In the last congregation I officially belonged to, the double standard was based on social status. There was a clear difference between the way people of the higher socioeconomic status were treated. I remember this one elder who was the first agronomist in Puerto Rico. His attitude was very elitist. When his wife passed there was this massive mourning in the congregation as opposed to when other people were sick and/or dead. It was very clear that there was a double standard.

  • LongHairGal


    Of course it's a double standard!

    If your higher education can benefit the religion, that's okay... But, if it is to improve your lot in life that is not okay. Apparently the JW religion feels you should do menial work and starve to death.

    But, this is not their only hypocrisy: there is a double standard in the religion towards women who work full-time jobs! Oh, they don't really like anybody who has a full-time job, but a brother is viewed differently. It's sort of okay for him but NOT okay for a sister. I was that single woman who was viewed very negatively because I worked full time. But, I paid no attention to stupid advice that I should quit my decent job and do menial work. I even had an old "anointed" say "better people than you have done housecleaning". Imagine the sick mentality??.. This had absolutely nothing to do with "status", but everything to do with money, benefits, physical health, etc.

    I know that most married women in the religion (and even some on this forum) cannot relate to this because a man was supporting them and if they did a little housecleaning on the side, it was mainly for a little extra money.

    I was convinced the Jehovah's Witness religion is just seeking to abase any woman who earned her own living and had a little higher education, skills and dignity. They want drudges doing favors for all the users..I'm sure this reason is complicated and I'm not interested in the psychological issues of men who want to hold women down. I just know I didn't listen to their garbage and I held onto my job and am retired today.

    In my opinion, this cannot be forgiven or overlooked and I'm not interested in excuses of "imperfection ". This is mainly the reason I'm not in the JW religion anymore, besides their 1995 changed teaching on Generation.

    To add insult to injury: nowadays these bastards would have the nerve to be asking for money. They wouldn't get anything from me.

  • Vidiot


    The WTS has turned double-standardization into a f**king art form.

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