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  • truthlover123

    Has anyone on here downloaded the app " JW Scheduler"?

    In perusing this site I see info re if publishers are going back to the halls AFTER the covid is "in control". Some comments are that numbers are dropping - not here... more connected than were actually going to the halls. Recording great RV's and contacts. Now to the great new app!

    Personally, the society is so controlling now with is app, all monthly expenses, meeting attendances, literature, Monthly announcements, co visits, CO Assembly, visits, etc. are all on there and you can enter your monthly service - if you don't, there is a follow up to tell you that it is due. Don't forget your donations which info is sent back to the hall and the elders and you have a number along with a blessing for your donation.

    Hence, you really do not have any association with an elder calling you to get your monthly info, or even, may, if your lucky, ask how you are doing. With Zoom, no real interaction, now with JW Scheduler, you are really on your own.. Yet so under the thumb, you cannot get away from the constant barrage of tracking by an impersonal friggin app!

    Also if you are late in calling in on the phone to hear the meeting, you have to wait until the administrator connects you - allowing for a tracking of your sign in time and date. How perfect! So they now know if your online and if not, ( wave) when you get on line, or not! At least when you were able to go to the hall, no one missed you when you weren't there.. No one tracked you, no one no one

    This is very heavy lifting... its like a straight jacket and you will never get free..

  • minimus

    Thanks for pointing this out. Good thread!

  • Overrated

    I wonder if they put on the App a pre paid donation section where you donate for Gee-hovah Bucks. ?

  • john.prestor

    Do elders use this app to keep tabs on the flock? That would interest me. It sounds like it's in use somewhat widely.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    It's not an official app, which is pretty clear from the website.

  • smiddy3

    Somebody racing ahead of Jehovah`s chariot ?

    Which doesn`t really surprise me as he seems to be getting bogged down a bit lately .With Covid 19 and everything .

  • BluesBrother

    I don’t know if it is widely used but it is not something the rank and file would use . This seems to digitise the paper work that I-and many others had to do. It may raise data protection issues but that may be covered by the forms they all sign..

    This... from the site:

    ”JW Scheduler was created to help simplify and unify the scheduling and organising by appointed brothers in the congregation. Whether you are serving as an elder or ministerial servant, the Coordinator of of Body of Elders, Secretary, or have any other responsibility, we hope that JW Scheduler makes your work easier and quicker. That way we can all spend more time with our families, preaching, teaching and shepherding!

    JW Scheduler was created and is maintained by a small team of brothers and sisters based in Australia. Our team are all currently in full-time service, and all brothers are elders. Between us we have spent over 30 years in the full-time service, including more than 10 years in special full-time service. Our team members have also served at branch offices, remote translation offices and in lands where the need is greater.”

  • Phizzy

    Whatever time these guys in Oz spend on operating the App. I bet they claim that as F.S time ! is there any way they make money out of this personally too perhaps ??

  • FedUpJW

    A screen-shot from their website. Notice that the last thing they do is ask for money.

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