Iraqi speaks out

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    They choose your job, they choose the company where you work and you're still working for the government," says Abdu Mohamud. Mohamud is an Iraqi-born man who is taking a bold move, speaking out against life in Iraq -- the same courage it took to leave his home country in 1978 to work at Phillips in Bartlesville.

    "I would be hanged if they found out I was going to the U.S. and not coming back," he said.

    Up until 1992, the Iraqi government had a hanging judgement for Abdu. He could not return without being killed. But now, the father of seven enjoys life in America and the freedom of being his daughter's soccer coach.

    "People of this country don't know the value of the freedom they have," Mohamud says. "Let someone look wrong at the picture of Saddam and they will kill him."

  • Gopher

    Mr. Mohammed speaks eloquently of the human need for freedom. He knew he simply could never get it under the reign of a ruthless tyrant like Saddam.

    I applaud his courage for speaking out. I wonder what he thinks of the anti-war protestors?

    One anti-war protestor in my hometown said "this war isn't the way to liberate the Iraqi people". Ok then, what was her alternative? Then-USA President Bill Clinton twiddled his thumbs for 8 years -- yeah his "diplomatic" style really helped the situation. NOT!! Ordinary Iraqi people continued to be tortured and horrified if they didn't walk in lockstep with their "beloved" dictator.

  • Sadie5

    I respect the anti-war protester's right to their opinion, I just can't see their side of it. People are so happy to be liberated, yet if the anti-war people had their way, Iraqi people would continue to die under Saddam's control.

  • DakotaRed
    yet if the anti-war people had their way, Iraqi people would continue to die under Saddam's control.

    For many from the left, it is more about their hatred of George Bush and Conservatives than it is care or concern for Iraqi citizens. Some of these same ones were either silent or supportive when past administrations invaded Kosovo and also demonized Saddam.

    War is bad enough, but to be politicized to regain contol of the government, when the people voted them out, borders on criminal to me.

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