Watchtower Resource!

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  • Atlantis

    Watchtower Resource.

    The Watchtower is selling more than just Kingdom Halls.

  • careful

    Wow, they are selling whatever they can! I wonder how much of this was donated...

  • Atlantis


    Your right!

    And here is another one. Copy and paste the password in the box. And click the little box for "Frequently Asked Questions" down at the bottom of the sales page.

    For surplus branch-owned vehicles, please type the website address into the Internet browser’s website address bar, not in Internet search engine websites such as Google, as shown below. The website details are also available in the Supplier Information section under the Documents tab on and may be provided to those who enquire.


    Password: Cars4Sale

    Microsoft Internet


  • Solzhenitsyn

    All these hidden little gems of a diversified worldwide conglomerate. Per the treasurers office there are over 2000 legal entities worldwide that have to be maintained.

  • Atlantis


    Thank you!

    The Cars For Sale info is found on page 2 of this BOE.

  • zeb

    With all the court cases they are losing and the millions to be paid out it still staggers me as to what they aere doing with the millions. "Any time soon.." the big A will strike... hmm then what good will all your dollars be to you then?

    If China and just as an example of a big holder were to suddenly sell up on all the US bonds they hold the arse would fall out of the US economy and that includes the wt economy.

    I see here recently that there is a string of congs here been closed down ? So that will mean another lot of kh being sold off with the money going to.......

  • User99

    Instead of paying their price, how about if we use the donation arrangement?

  • LV101

    I even found jewelry on that site -- nothing I'd want but I'm sure it meant something to the generous souls that donated. It's smaller stones -- emerald and perhaps citrines, maybe one peridot.

  • scruffmcbuff

    I dont know who priced up most of that construction gear but alot of it is well over what its worth.. and some stuff well under...

  • careful

    Atlantis and Solzhenitsyn,

    Thanks for the additional links. They really are trying to hide under the wire in some of these sites. More indications of their financial woes from all the lawsuits to be paid. How afraid of truth they are! Years and years of deception, etc. catching up with them in the courts, so they have to stoop to this to generate more funds for their secret pay outs. What a sad situation.

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