Contradictory Information on the Life of Geoffrey Jackson

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  • Wild_Thing

    In Geoffrey Jackson's autobiography published in in the Watchtower, he states that him and his wife went to serve as missionaries on the island nation of Tulavu in 1979, and there were only 3 baptized Witnesses in all of Tulavu, AND he translated all of the Witness literature into the Tuvaluan language in 1980, printing it right there on the island. The article says they served as missionaries there until 1985 when they were assigned to the Samoa Branch.

    In July, 2008, the Watchtower Society penned a letter to the UN Human Rights Council about the treatment of JWs in Tuvalu. In it they summarized the history of the Witnesses in the island nation, claiming that Geoffrey Jackson was not assigned as a missionary there until 1984:

    This is quite a discrepancy. Can anyone make sense of it?

  • OrphanCrow

    The WT is probably lying. Theocratic warfare.

    I am going to guess that it was illegal for missionaries to come into the region for the purposes of conversion and that once the congregation became registered, it was okay to say that G.W. was there.

    Just a guess

  • Wild_Thing

    You mean ... the Watchtower lied to the U.N.? That is so shocking! I can't believe it!

  • konceptual99

    Good catch Wild Thing. How did the UN letter come to light? Is there a way that a JW could find his letter easily or via JW sources?

  • smiddy

    How many countries did the Jehovahs Witnesses identify themselves as a Cultural Organizations and not as a Religion .?

    Two that i know of ,Mexico , and Cuba.

    Any more ?

  • Chook

    Geoffrey Jackson apostatised the JW church when he said it "would be presumptuous to think JW only chanel." I would love to see them all in front of royal commission ,it's like the before a judicial committee. Karma.

  • Wild_Thing

    conceptual99 ... I have started doing research on the governing body members, just for my own self, and I ran across it on the internet through one of my google searches. I was trying to look up the history of JWs in Tuvalu since that is where Jackson was first a missionary, and jackpot ... I hit the motherload.

  • konceptual99

    Thanks Wild_Thing. I searched "jehovahs witnesses tuvalu" in Google and the letter you refer to came up fourth in the list. So this information is easily found with zero input from any "apostate" sources.

    Now then, what are the chances of the org responding to a letter on the matter.....? :-/

  • karter

    The branch office in samoa was closed down some time after G.J leaft the guy that took over as branch overseer was a bethel heavy from New Zealand he was assigned to congros that needed sorting out, he came to a congro I was in many years ago, he seemed ok if not a little strange. He went to the samoa branch as overseer only to be D.F'ed and sent home and the samoa branch closed . down. Rumor was and came from very reliable high up's he was caught doing things with young boys.I can't say his name but p.m me if you want it karter

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