Mixed Signals

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  • Stephanus

    May 22 Awake! has typical article on terrorism; trouble is sign of imminent end, etc, etc. As usual it shows how bad the internet is by narrating how computer networks are increasingly the target of "terrorist" activity. But in the "Young People Ask..." section, on keeping in contact with your (JW!) grandparents, "Dara" is quoted saying "They take an interest in my life, and we call or E-mail each other almost every week". Not only does this quote encourage young people to use email, it shows elderly people as being quite capable too! It could be argued that the editorial comment "E-mail and phone calls have their place, but don't underestimate the power of an old fashioned hand-written letter" means that they are arguing against use of email, but phone calls too? Since when has the 'Tower ever discouraged use of the phone?

    So what's going on here? More Brooklyn hypocrisy? Or is there some factional battle going on within the Writing Department? Or am I reading too much into it?

  • Introspection

    I don't know about reading too much into it, but you may be reading too much OF it...

  • patio34


    LOL! I am afraid to read a mag. for fear I'll fall down the rabbit hole for another 28 years!


  • outnfree


    FACE your fears!!!! You will merely L-A-U-G-H !!!


  • Moxy

    why should every reference to the internet be an indication of 'the WT stance' on the internet? a christian used email = net is good. a terrorist used net = net is bad? not saying that the naive wouldnt take it that way, but i doubt thats the intention.


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