Yes it is not only presumptuous but arrogant....

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  • messenger

    Is it presumptuous of Jehovah’s Witnesses to point out that they alone have God’s backing? wt 6/1/01 pg 16

    is it just me or is this question one that causes histerical laughter to anyone outside the organization?

    would i be considered arrogant if i said i was the humblest person on the face of the earth?

    would i be considered stupid if i said i was the smartest person in the world?

    would the color black really be the color white if you thought it was?

    this could never end, maybe i am finally gettting the hang of it, i can now write for the wt.


  • patio34


    I agree it is presumptuous and could put a group in a lot of trouble with the God in whose name they presume to speak.

    Another related point is that people outside the jws might find that hysterical--if they pay any attention to jdubs.

    When i first left and went into a Christian-type bookstore I thought I would find a lot of anti-witness literature. There wasn't one. They ignored the jws completely. The worst insult is to ignore someone! I was surprised at how unconcerned others are at the dubs.

    In "The Blind Watchmaker," Dawkins says you can find certain quotes in "any Jehovah's Witness pamphlet," but he was quoting from another book, because it was a reputable publisher.

    And here I thought the whole world was fighting the WTBS. M-m-m-m.


  • emyrose

    Hi Messenger,
    I see clearly your point about the foolishness in having delusions
    of grandeur, but that is considered insanity mostly when dealing with
    individuals not groups. You mentioned individuals. Think about how Nazism has been considered
    logical by many people, including some intellectuals. So when the average individual, that is a non-intellectual, comes in touch w/ JWs
    they are vulnerable to the sanity that a large group enjoys by virtue of the numbers of people adhering and embracing the organization's philosophy. Unfortunately many emotionally and socially weak souls
    succumb to the madness of groups. Remember mind control is very real
    and a powerful tool used against people just as any other weapon is.
    Of course the reasons and degree of mind control varies among JWs.

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