Bethel Brazil inside - TV Reportage by Gilberto Barros

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  • TheWonderofYou
    Published on Jul 21, 2017 How the witnesses of Jehovah live at Bethel. 40-minutes reportage by Gilberto Barros of bethel Brazil. Special scenes of JW working in the laundry and as hairdressers at Bethel, literature dispatch and library.

    What a wonderful service these sisters and brothers do at Bethel. What a wonderful community, friendly and willing to work.

    (Note: However I could not see any nursing of elderly people in bethel. Caring for elderly people is not done at bethel, The services in the bethel can be only used as long as one works there for the publishing house).

    At the end of the video are collected scenes about the PERSECUTION in Russia.

    (Activate subtitles with auto-translation from Portoguese to English in case you cant understand portoguese.)

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