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  • dubstepped

    Alright, so I posted earlier this week about my desire to put together some sort of campaign to target the friends and family that shun us before the Regional Convention part on shunning. My goal is to produce a postcard that can be mailed out to those that shun us to contrast shunning and love before it is cemented in their minds this summer. I want to make them think twice. Shunning is one hole in the armor because everyone has basic humanity within even if it is covered with JW doctrine.

    I also want to make them see what shunning does, and that they are the ones responsible for it, as it is an act carried out by them. JW's like to talk about the devastating effects that it has on them but they never even look at what they're doing to others. I know that realizing what I was doing to my brother by shunning him was a huge part of my journey in waking up.

    There is sooooooo much that I want to say on the subject of shunning, but I can't say it all. Our friends and family won't read some long diatribe. I sat down and wrote so many different things and nothing flowed until the poem that came out below. It just came to me without trying, something that often helps me see that I must be letting some feelings out, something I wanted to do with this.

    So, let me know what you think of what I've written. I'm hoping that it, if written on a postcard with something to catch their eye, will be read by the recipient. Poems aren't everyone's thing, but can be hard to put down if you get a glimpse and they apply to you in some way. I've tried to hit both the Bible's view of love and contrast it with shunning.

    Is this something you'd send to your parents, siblings, friends, etc. that shun you if put on a postcard. I like postcards because you can't not read them. They will catch your eye without any effort from you when you pull them from your mailbox. Let me know what you think. I have to admit to feeling a little vulnerable putting a poem out there like this, but it is what it is and flowed from the heart and I hope it might be of use. I hope my formatting sticks here:

    God is love

    Love is kind
    Why would you choose to
    Leave your loved ones behind

    If you greet your brothers only
    What extraordinary thing have you done
    Forgive up to seventy seven times
    Never did Jesus shun

    As kids we weren't given choices
    There was pressure to decide
    Shunning due to child baptism
    Leads many to suicide

    My relationship with God
    Is mine, not of your own
    So what right do you have
    To choose to disown

    Shunning is emotional blackmail
    The opposite of love
    It is control exercised by man
    Painful for all, not reflective of God above

    We are the shunned
    The loved ones you shame
    You are the ones that shun
    We will not accept the blame.


    Lovely Poem for your campaign !

    Don't say too much ! Have you ever seen the glazing-over of the eyes of a Dub whose core beliefs have just been challenged ? And be sure to direct them to a source of good info: eg JW-Facts/

  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    Go to Zazzle.com and make decals. They also do cards, T-shirts, coffee mugs, and baseball caps. It's quick, cheap & easy. I 'designed' the decal shown below in about 15 minutes (screenshot from my I-phone). I simply found the JW Facts logo online, uploaded it to their site, and now I've got a stack of convenient JWFacts.com stickers enroute to my mail box.

  • dubstepped
    Thanks, but I'm not interested in putting any apostate sites or stickers on my campaign. It will only serve to shut most JW's down. I'm trying to keep it to reason alone. They can find those sites easy if they care to look. I want to keep it strictly about love vs. shunning.
  • NeverKnew
    So is it your goal to give these postcards to people with disfellowshipped or disassociated family members or are you giving this to everybody involved in that which I call the shunning ministry?
  • dubstepped
    Make the postcards available to people like myself who are currently shunned (whether DA'd or DF'ed) so that they can send them to their believing JW relatives to plant seeds of doubt before the shunning talk to be given at the conventions.
  • Giordano

    My goal is to produce a postcard that can be mailed out to those that shun us to contrast shunning and love before it is cemented in their minds this summer.

    The poem is very inspiring........ congratulations.

    It inspired me to use some of your points and some I have thought about to frame a slightly different message. This is probably what I would send.

    "Shunning is not an act of love.....it is an act of torture.

    Did Jesus shun? Never. Did he torture? Never.

    As kids we agreed to a life long contract at an age when we would never have been encouraged to marry, or even drink. So many of the things we were 'expected' to believe have changed........ but not our life long contract and not shunning.

    Shunning has only gotten worse as no one can escape the Society and leave the religion without being punished.

    Worse still......... you are also being punished for what I may have said or thought or did because you are being forced to shun or you will be shunned in turn. That's called coercion and to coerce someone is a criminal act. Why does your religion coerce it's loyal followers?

    I am a captive who will continue to be shunned and you are a captive forced to do the shunning until the day we die."

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