A Scenario For Witnesses to Answer

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  • Law

    What if theres a catholic in love with a witness? What to do? This aint me or nothing just someone i know. Just send some feed back.

  • Carmel

    "prophecy fulfilled! Lion and Lamb feeding together! You pick which is the voracious beast and which is the lamb being led to slaughter!


  • Mulan

    If the witness isn't real involved as a JW, it might be okay. Don't expect lots of support from the JW family though. No Kingdom Hall wedding, and certainly not a Catholic church wedding. No holidays, etc. It might depend on whether the girl was the Catholic or was she the JW? Or vice versa. What is the attraction? There has to be something familiar there, to begin with? As in most things in life, it is usually better to marry within your culture, whether that be religion, nationality or race. There are exceptions to that of course. Don't jump all over me, everybody. I said USUALLY.

  • bigboi

    Hey Law:

    Well this situation sounds somewhat similar to my own. About 3yrs ago i met this lovely young girl. i was a witness in good standing and she is still a Baptist who is very active in her local church. However i must say I ws already looking for a way out when she came along and this relationship really hastened it, for it confirmed what i had been felling in my hear t about the org. It was way too controling and the percieved "spiritually weak" ones were really not given any helpful admonition, but were intimidated throught the platform and word of mouth to follow the status quo.

    i think if a witness chooses to have a relationship with a member of another religion the relationship is doomed to fail because of the pressure that will be brought on it. For instance, friends will be counseled not to associate with you and your partner( although it is up to them whether they will or won't). If the person is still an active witness then questions about holidays, field service and the blood issue will undoubtably arise. For the active witness the decision concernng these issues has already been made and no compromise is possible.

    It maybe somewhat different for sisters but for me those were my biggest points of contention, because when I left I still shared many ot the WTS's beliefs. My relationship was stil good though because my girl is very loving, tolerant and understanding. She also posesses a strong Faith and those ualities in addition to many others has led me to a deep admiration of her.

    If your friend wants to continue to be an active witness it will be hard. But as long as he really loves her they will be able to weather all the storms. But one of the two will have to be openminded enough to make some real changes.


    [i]"..... anyone who ignores everyday reality in order to live up to an ideal will soon discover he had been taught how to destroy himself, not how to preserve himself." The Prince. Niccolo Machiavelli[i/]

  • slipnslidemaster

    Law, I hope it works out, but in my experience, JW's are a weird emotionally retarded bunch. Myself included.

    If you have a choice, don't date a Witness.

    . o O (slipnslidemaster)

  • VeniceIT

    well I think WHOOOPPPPSSS sorry I'm not a JW never mind, won't comment (although it's hard when two people have different values, HMM sorry I'll stop I will I will *hand over her mouth*)


  • willy_think

    well a catholic can marry a non-catholic in a catholic church, but that would lead to the JW being shuned. if they did marry civily, the JW would be subjected to daily emotional abuse. this would lead to the end of the WTB&TS inc. or an end to the marriage. so it might be for the best to not marry. you must rembmber the JW is a slave to the WTB&TS inc. they will be whipped for any transgressions, to the "truth" of the day.

    the ideas and opinions expressed in this post do not necessiarly represent those of the WTB&TS inc. or any of it's subsidiary corporations.
  • logical

    Whats the problem? Love is hard to come by in this twisted world. They should go for it and tell interfering wankers in the WTS / church to f**k off

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