Lawsuits for shunning for decades

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  • jehovaxx

    Now they suddenly examine the context of these scriptures and have come to the conclusion that it only applies to apostates and those who continue in serious sin???????

    there are families torn apart by their shunning policies and some have said the GB are wrong and these scriptures only apply to those carrying on in serious sin? But no for the last several decades families have been ripped apart for lifelong shunning just because some don’t want to be JWs anymore.

    the lawsuits that are to come will not make up for life long relationships being ruined. Fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. Uncles cousins sister and brothers. Even if they got millions from suing the GB it will not make up for lifetimes of shunning.

    so now here in 2024 they suddenly say ops sorry we got it wrong all these decades.

    Do they not see how they have absolutely ruined lives and caused so much suffering and suicides?

    these evil men belong in jail and all assets seized to pay out all those hurt by their evil policies

  • cyberjesus

    the relationship between parent-child is your property.... because is "propper" to you. therefore when they break that relationship.. they are trespassing your property.. that is legal grounds for demand of reparations.. and a lawsuit if such demands are not met..

    Just a matter of time for a big lawsuit.... and they they will drop the disfellowshipping thing entirely... this is the time because they are giving in to avoid loosing money and people which means also money.

  • LongHairGal


    Somebody downvoted your post. I made sure I upvoted it.

    I am so grateful to God that I was not raised in this religion - nor did I listen to everything they said.. I’m a longtime ‘Fader’ and my experience does not compare to what many people on here have gone through. I got a few ‘bruises’ along the way.. The only shunning I may experience is from aging Witness Baby Boomers who I could barely recognize if I saw them in the store!

    These recent shocking changes and those yet to come in the religion are an about-face to what they’ve believed for many decades - and only proves what they taught was NOT from the Bible but merely opinions of arrogant men who have no regard for anybody.

    Who knows what’s going to happen with regard to any lawsuits? As you said, surely nothing would make up for decades of lost time and the thousands of ruined family relationships in many places.. We won’t even go into the suicides. Count there ever be justice?

    Again, I’m Glad to be long out of the JWs and best regards to everybody!

  • LongHairGal


    Typo above:..It should not read ‘count’ but should read ‘could there be justice?’ I might also add would there ever be justice? This remains to be seen.

    Also, with regard to what is said about serious sin: the JW religion probably also defines serious sin as somebody who doesn’t believe in them. By that standard anybody living can fall into this category.

  • Gorb

    The jw corporations are well protected for at least 25 years by the legal teams.

    Lawsuits don't make a change.


  • Vidiot

    Insolvency might.

  • Phizzy

    " Insolvency might."

    Yes, if they are arraigned in Court for the Shunning of the past, they will have to defend themselves, to avoid paying $$$.

    I am sure such cases will not be totally successful sadly, to the extent of getting the Org. to abandon such practices, but the cost is still there for the Org. and maybe in individual cases even compensation may have to be paid, but I do not see any Court actually ruling that the practice of shunning cannot continue at some level.

    What is not in doubt is DFing and Shunning go against several basic Human Rights, so such Cases will highlight this for the whole World to see, and the Org. will shoot themselves in the foot once again to protect a few $$$.

  • notsurewheretogo

    The new change isn't that big...JW's can talk to those at the KH if DF'd and can also talk to their families if DF's only to invite them back to meetings.

    JW's still can't talk to these ones at any other time or situation.

    The change simply means from a legal perspective they are not 100% shunning people and if ever another "Norway" situation appears the JW's can cite the changes and legally it will be fine.

    If these new changes were in place for the Norway trial the JW's would have won.

  • Phizzy

    " only to invite them back to meetings."

    Yes, that is the "Direction" from the G,B, but while doing so what an opportunity will be afforded for the J.W's doing so to find out WHY the former J.W left, and why they will probably never go back !

    I know the practicing J.W is not supposed to discuss " Spiritual matters" with the former attender, but just one well thought out reply to such an invitation may well plant a seed.

    All of these latest moves may be more counter productive for the Org. in reality than they intended, though no doubt will keep up the figures of those attending for a while.

  • jehovaxx

    all seems a light touch approach. Every effort will be made for someone to not be DF’ed. if they say sorry that is enough.

    In the unusual case where worst case scenario someone is DFed it’s only for 90days and if they go to meetings everyone will still greet them anyway.

    I suspect they wouldn’t need to go to meetings much if at all and have a rest from it during that 90days anyway.

    The direction just basically says beg them to agree to be reinstated after the 90 days nothing about going to meetings during that 90days

    the DF’ed person doesn’t even need to submit a written request - the elders chase after him/her after only 3 months and, it sounds like, in only the rarest of occasions would extend the DF period for longer.

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