Iconic 9/11 photo taken by bethelite

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  • pbrow


    L118 crossing Brooklyn Bridge

    Mid-article says he was a volly at jdub "book-making factory"

    Hope that means that he is "out" now.

    Pretty somber picture.


  • Tallon

    I remember that terrible day as the images were streamed live on TV. All those brave first responders, Fire Brigade, Medics, Police et al rushing to the scene sacrificing their own life in order to help people that are trapped and evacuate from those towers.

    Brave men and woman indeed.

  • prologos

    Hopefully the people in that particular truck were too late to get near the disaster to unfold. but, if any of the wt writers, who had that view from their windows thought about their earlier prophecies "Babylon has fallen", there was proof before their eyes, religion and it's warfare is alive and well, or sick. not fallen.

  • stillin

    The whole crew on that truck was lost. It is good to read about a Bethelite who was moved with human compassion. As I recall, bethelites were told not to go outside and watch from balconies or the rooftops. It might look too much like they cared.

  • Thisismein1972

    And so many are now stricken with such things as cancer due to the dust from the pulverised concrete.

  • smiddy

    Does anybody know whether aaron is stil a JW ? He would have acheived a bit of celebrity status with that photo shot , that ended up being shown all around the world.

    I just wonder if his interest in photography would have taken on a new impetus with that photo and if it changed his life .

    If your out their Aaron please let us know.

  • pbrow

    Hey smiddy... that would be great to hear from him! I got the impression that he was not simply by the off handed way "book making factory" was used in the piece.


  • JWdaughter

    I noticed that other than the brief mention of his job, he didnt sound at all J-Dubbie. That could be the magic of editing. . .hope he's free.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    The article captions a photo of him thus:

    Aaron McLamb struggled with survivor’s guilt and couldn’t talk about what happened that day for 10 years.

    I wonder if the inadequate help that Bethel offered traumatized people early on; and the way JWs were ecstatically hoping this tragedy was a springboard to the end, had anything to do with his survivors guilt, considering that he wasn't in any of the towers at the time. (Survivor's guilt usually affects those who were in the same immediate danger of death as those that died. He clearly wasn't)

    Maybe it's not really survivor's guilt. Maybe he's just calling it that to avoid having to speak badly about how the JW organization crushed his dream to become a career firefighter, how Watchtower policies and practices prevented him from doing more to help others on that day. Maybe he doesn't want to make waves with JW family still in.

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