Belated congratulations to Naomi Osaka!

by LoveUniHateExams 1 Replies latest social entertainment

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Just twenty years old, she wiped the floor with her idol, Serena Williams.

    She showed considerable emotional maturity during the match for one so young - keeping her composure and concentration throughout.

    She's quite affable - at the end when she got the trophy she basically apologised for winning!

    She's a very talented athlete. This match reminded me a little of the 2001 Wimbledon match between then-defending champion Pete Sampras and some young player called Roger Federer.

    I strongly believe this US Open title won't be Osaka's last Grand Slam win.

    Well done Naomi Osaka!

  • Simon

    Yeah, she played some great tennis - made old Serena look slow and lumbering and the straight-sets win was dominant, wasn't even close really.

    They should play 5 sets, that way there would be more slimmer, fitter players winning. I hate that women's tennis can be so dominated by power.

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