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  • oldcrowwoman



    "Courage has roots. She sleeps on a futon on the floor and lives close to the ground.

    Courage looks you straight in the eye. She is not impressed with powertrippers, and she knows first aid.

    Courage is not afraid to weep and she not afraid to pray. Even when she is not sure who she is praying to. When courage walks, it is clear that she has made the journey from loneliness to solitude. The people told me she is stern were not lying; they just forgot to mention she is kind."

    I wanted to share. This was given to me in my early recovery.

    Al the Best OCW

  • FlowerPower

    Thanks for sharing oldcrowwoman, Courage is what it took to wrench myself away from that controlling cult, it held onto my every movment, feeling and emotion. So glad to have found the COURAGE to leave. FP


    OCW: thanks for sharing.

    That was nice. So many items like this shared on this forum, one could create a book of saying/poems and letters of encouragement and positivity.

    Thanks OCW. Much appreciated.

  • mattnoel

    OCW your a darlin'

    Sorry I aint been in touch, life is manic at the moment. Hope you are well though !


  • oldcrowwoman

    I thought I would resurrect this thread.

    I was thinking about courage and how courage comes in so many ways in one's life. Some are monumental others small.

    I have learned from experience that a wave of peacefulnes washes over me after I have successfully finished a task that was difficult to face. Courage has its reward. However, from time to time, and from task to task, I find I need the reminder that peace will come once the loose ends have been tied by me.

    Right now my patiences are rather thin. Beginning my silver years I have acknowledged many losses over the years. I am in a snag right now. Because I don't want to deal with the pain dealing with the loss of my eight year relationship with my womens (13) drumming spiritualilty group.

    I have a sense why this is so huge for me is that I have'nt acknowledge the loss of leaving the jw's. There have been threads of grieving. I feel like this little kid stamping her feet and saying I don't want to do this. The pain is so overwhelming. I don't want to say another good bye.

    The first 39 years of my life I emotionally lived in land of frozen tundra. So the last 20 yrs I've been working on unthawing these frozen emotions. So maybe at the end of 19 yrs I will have been thawed out!!! lol.........

    And sometimes it takes a lot of energy and to muster up the courage to keep on moving.

    Thats what life is about life, death and rebirth. And to honor the processes.


  • gambit
    Thats what life is about life, death and rebirth. And to honor the processes.

    OCW -- I love what you said... so, so true... And it takes courage to continue to honor life when your feeling blue.

    When I was reading "The Courage to Change" by Dennis Wholley last winter, these few lines popped out...
    To me, this symbolizes what is going on around us, life, death, and change, and the stirrings the make us feel alive.

    Dark Angels; glistening in the wind Vibrant soldiers; turning in

    A sound will echo at the sound of falling Time stands still at the time of calling The mind will see what the mind is thinking Dreams are sleeping when we are dreaming

    The sound of falling is no sound at all The time of calling is a time for all The mind is thinking not knowing all We are dreaming or not at all

    Dark Angels; listening to the wind Vibrant soldiers; churning within

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    For me courage is doing what needs to be done. It isn't something I call on. It is the every day getting up and doing what I have to. It is going on when I want to stop. It is doing what is right for me despite what other people think

    I usually am surprised when people say I am courageous. I just do it, live it, fight the demons within and without. Life. I move forward with it

  • Brummie

    I'm glad you resurrected this OCW, I missed it first time around. Its excellent.


  • oldcrowwoman

    (((Lady Lee))

    Yes you are courageous and a wise woman. I don't know courage is like a guiding force. I don't think we give ourselves credit. We hear from others to have that acknowledged to us. It takes a hell of alot to be courageous to survive abuse.


    Appreciate hearing from you and sharing your thoughts.


    Your welcome!


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