Changing verses in the new RNWT to suit an agenda

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  • freddo

    It's increasingly obvious to me that part of the reason for the "new" RNWT of 2013 is to increase the authority of the organisation and the GB. Yes, the old one was becoming dated but they have taken opportunities (liberties?) with translation to increase their control.

    An obvious one is Micah 6 v 8 where "to cherish loyalty" has replaced "and to love kindness"

    Conclusion - "loyalty" is highlighted to increase loyalty to "them".
    ... ... ... ... ...

    Another is Acts 15 v 19 which is part of the circumcision decision. WT maintains this was by the "1st Century Governing Body". It wasn't - it was James.

    Acts 15 v 13 - 19 says that James made the decision after listening to others including Peter, Paul and Barnabas. But look how that has been "watered down."

    nwt Acts 15 v 13 "After they quit speaking, James answered, saying: “Men, brothers, hear me. ..."

    Acts 15 v 19 "Hence my decision is ..."

    revisednwt Acts 15 v 13 "After they finished speaking, James replied: “Men, brothers, hear me."

    Acts 15 v 19 "Hence my decision* is ..." (note the asterisk now added for a footnote where none existed before which reads: Or "opinion.")

    And the "Interlinear" ...

    Acts 15 v 13 "I am judging ..."

    James made the final decision so it not the "first century governing body" was it?

    Have you got any other examples to add to this thread please?


    I can’t stand to do any Bible research anymore, but the RNWT was a concerted, deliberate effort to shit-can the NWT.

    One could actually learn TTATT by a diligent use of the NWT and the footnotes therein, despite the errors that it contained.

    Retiring the NWT and introducing the RNWT as the best bible ever, one that the “Slave” was directly involved in translating, was just one more tactic to stamp out critical thinking before it could take root in the minds of the sheeple.


  • kairos

    Removing John 8:1-12 keeps down the questioning about men judging each other.

  • FedUpJW

    Jesus own words...(Matthew 23:36) 36 Truly I say to YOU, All these things will come upon this generation.

    The cross reference for generation in 1984 was (Exodus 20:5) . . bringing punishment for the error of fathers upon sons, upon the third generation and upon the fourth generation*,. . .and the footnote for generation there was...*Lit., “down to the third and fourth [generated] ones.”

    Of course now that the generation that was alive in their precious 1914 has died off, and we are well on the way of the third generation since then, that little nugget had to be shit-canned! It is nowhere to be found in the Rnwt.

  • freddo

    Nice find FedUpJW - (Exodus 20:5) - that footnote is neither in the 2013rnwt or the 2013rnwt study edition on line,

  • stuckinarut2

    Am I correct in saying that the 'new' new world has had the expression "Governing Body" inserted somewhere??

    I haven't seen it myself, but others have mentioned that?

    If so, that is a sly and deliberate attempt to try and grasp credibility and power for the GB controlling JWs...

  • sir82

    Am I correct in saying that the 'new' new world has had the expression "Governing Body" inserted somewhere??

    Not in the actual Bible text itself, but in their "Outline of Contents" section they stick in at the beginning of each book.

    Here is the snippet of that outline for Acts chapter 15:

    • 15

      • Dispute in Antioch regarding circumcision (1, 2)

      • Question brought to Jerusalem (3-5)

      • Elders and apostles meet together (6-21)

      • Letter from the governing body (22-29)

      • Congregations encouraged by letter (30-35)

      • Paul and Barnabas go separate ways (36-41)

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    Why should the Watchtower Society not be permitted to change the text to suit its prejudices?

    This has been going on ever since the ink started to dry on each original scroll. Most of the OT, for example, results from the biased opinions of the minority monotheists of the 6th century BCE who created religious histories and myths to promote their views against the monolatrist majority.

    There is nothing fixed in the material. There is not even one agreed Bible.

    The question for the WTS is: "Why do they accept the Protestant Churches' Bible?" There is any number that are different, including the canon of 4th century codices.


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