Three paths in life...

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  • Fernando

    Would you agree:

    There are three main paths in life?

    Secular, religious or spiritual?

    They are very different?

    Each path has both atheists and "believers"?

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    No, there are only 2 paths in life: right or wrong.

    Choose wisely.

  • Fernando

    @a watcher

    Which path have you chosen and why do you prefer it to the other two?

  • blondie

    Why only 3?

    How about the bullshit path?

  • looter

    You're right, a watcher. But to be more specific there are actually 4 types of paths in the typical life of a human. The most righteous type and the best type for all humans is by way of and through the Lord, spirituality, and religion because we all need a religion but that focuses on the true scriptures which most don't today. It is my type as I love him and want to praise him along with his son but especially his son because without his son we would never have an example but the best example. So I pray that we all please have mercy on Jesus Christ. I don't think though that religion matters so long as we are devoted to our own spirituality and God can attest to this and give us the score on this and the only way we can know this is by the things that happened to us. All of us must pray and desire to be type 1. Because we can acquire true happiness by not giving up our faith

    The second type would be to live with no spirituality or godliness at all but not hate God like so many here too. This type is the type that God loves almost as much as type 1 because these folks don't necessarily hate him but they just don't recognize the Bible but love life most likely. The third type is the type that most on this forum endure which is to be an atheist. To me, being an atheist is being very clueless about how we got here on this Earth and not taking into consideration how we were created. Now the fourth type, which goes along with type 3, is to live completely with no morals with the personification of evil in your heart. The difference between type 3 and type 4 is that type 3 is not necessarily evil but each both disbelieve in God which I believe is a sin.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    There exist endless different opportunities and paths for everyone.

  • Perry

    Jesus said there were only two.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Just shows how his speech writers wanted it to can more easily control people if you narrow down their choices.

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