60's Sexual Revolution to the outing of Powerful Predators

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  • TerryWalstrom

    In the late 1960's a BIG change happened in sexual culture in the U.S. and England.
    Women asserted their "right" to become more aggressive and obtrusive in their dealings with men.

    However, the louts, the jerks, the hyper-aggressive males were only encouraged (in their male fantasies) to lower women even more as a result of this.

    Bra burning, short skirts, "free sex", was seen as a green light to do as you please and to relegate "respect for women" to discarded and antiquated manners of a bygone generation.

    I was in a Puritanical religious cult during all this.

    When all the "fun" began, I was either in prison or going door to door peddling End of the World scenarios.
    The chief reason I got married was to AVOID sex! (Of a religiously termed "illicit" nature.)
    In a way, that is as sick as anything else going wrong with my generation of males.

    I should NOT have been married when I decided I must.
    How many JW's did the same and ended up frustrated and unfulfilled?
    Religious cults and evangelical churches sent forth into this world some overhyped dirty minds.
    I have discovered in the last few years by conversing with various EX-JW's the astounding fact their JW husbands were sick, twisted, and often cold sexual partners.
    Men outside of religion and men inside religion had frustrations of a different sort. It was a question of personal character on the one hand and simply the "way things were" when they were born.

    What women, in general, did not realize was this.
    Men dominated culture, business, religion, politics, and damned near everything else. Opening the door to "equality" in sex was an invitation to BACKFIRE.(Unintended consequences.)

    Men of a predatory nature--sleazy, ill-mannered, and entitled--would take full advantage of the imbalance in power by leveraging a young woman's desire to advance by trading her sex for opportunities.

    When I was a young man, my ideas about how men treated women whom they wanted as sex partners were "modeled" for me in movies and books. James Bond, Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, had very colorful techniques. I watched, I listened, I learned.
    All the above were mostly hyped fiction and male fantasy fulfillment.

    HOW WAS I TO KNOW the difference?

    Men are the gatekeepers.
    Not as much or as many or as exclusively as before the sexual revolution. Men have been driven underground in their malfeasance. They've become less obvious. Predators have adapted to the politically correct language to camouflage their intentions.
    In fact, outspoken men who make a loud gesture of support may well be signaling more than their "virtue"---it may be their "sheep's clothing" on the wolf.

    Congregations are run by MEN exclusively. What filter, what test is there to root out predators or twisted characters with disgusting minds?
    It is what men "profess" with their lips and their outward behavior which indicates whether they'll make great Elders or not.

    One thing for sure, "Jehovah's Holy Spirit" is guiding nothing.
    Outside the Kingdom Hall, bad men and good men are actually competing for the same jobs and JW's seldom have positions of any power in real life. They can only wield power at HOME spiritually and in the Hall with privileges.
    When "obey your husband" comes into the bedroom--red flags may well fly.

    All the bad guys are STILL THERE. They spin a web and catch a fly and only if the fly escapes and blows the whistle is the spider in the harsh spotlight of public disdain and retribution.
    MEN WHO PREY ON WOMEN are everywhere!
    They have always been there.

    They look out for each other. They have each other's back. They play dumb. They pretend to be "shocked" if somebody is exposed who is their partner in crime.
    CALLING THEM WHAT THEY ARE is a gigantic advancement in civilization!
    We need to keep up the trend and sniff out who is hiding behind what covers of civility and our willingness to show NO MERCY is the only thing which matters.
    Unless these men pay a huge price--unless they are fully held accountable--nothing will change except a cosmetic sense of fake rehabilitation.
    My opinion?
    You CANNOT REHABILITATE a sex predator. Never. Never. Never.
    It is etched into the very nature of their character.
    You can make them sneakier and they'll say all the right words--but don't be fooled by the idea of repentance.
    Repentance is our stupidity for believing they can change.

  • Fisherman
    The chief reason I got married was to AVOID sex! (Of a religiously termed "illicit" nature.)


  • Finkelstein

    You CANNOT REHABILITATE a sex predator. Never. Never. Never.

    I'm not too sure of that statement but its known that child sexual abusers are harder to rehabilitate than adults predatory behavior toward other adults.

    What we've been seeing recently is that certain men took their position in the entertainment industry or government to their own advantage as a means to exploit sex out of vulnerable wanting people, variations of the proverbial casting couch.

  • TerryWalstrom

    I "blame" WARS and what they did to generations of men.

    I see civilization in the last few hundred years as chunks of time between World Wars.
    Men went off to fight WWI and left women at home.
    The much older men and the younger guys stayed behind to take up the slack.

    Each time this sort of thing occurs, there is a power shift.

    The MAN OF THE HOUSE position was filled by either old men or young men who had to "take care of the women."
    This meant hard work and sacrifice.
    Those men were put upon, exhausted, and strained by exigency.

    After the wars were over and the soldiers returned home--WHO WERE THEY INSIDE? These weren't the same men who were little boys taken to church and told, "Thou shall not kill."
    These were damaged people who had lived daily horrors of life or death
    So what?
    So, the "BAD NATURE" of such men is let loose.
    The scourge of surviving or dying had stripped these men (not all--but many) of civilized values.

    They had "needs."
    Food on the table. Sex. Respect.
    Women were seen as needing to OBEY and SUBMIT.

    If those needs weren't met--depending on the man and his circumstances--he might well become demanding, coarse, bullying and abusive.
    Women had VERY FEW resources to survive outside of trading their sex.
    What else could they bargain with?

    I said all the above so I could say this:
    Several generations of men and women were in a crucible which molded their habits, ethos, thinking, core beliefs, and POWER STRUCTURE.

    Those people were hardened. They were forged by forces insuperable.
    These are Red State folks for the most part.
    The generations which came after them were increasingly disgusted by those War Year Values.

    The 60's was the first generational BREAK in sex and culture.
    That divide was never healed.
    That generation is one of two worlds.
    Until my BOOMER generation has vanished, the voting influence (vote for Trump, McCain, etc.) will remain powerful enough to create damage.

    Electing Donald Trump was the work of Baby Boomers with American flags, guns, the Bible, and all those "core values" sizzling at white-hot zeal.
    That generation has many double standards about men, women, sex, and behavior in general. We speak with forked tongue because we suffer mightily from cognitive dissonance. It is the aftermath, the blowback, the collateral damage wrought by wars.

    That is why I said what I said.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Ok but surely there were male sexual predators before the 60s sexual revolution, too?

    These scumbags probably still tried to force themselves on whichever girl caught their eye ... or maybe they stayed indoors and raped their wives instead.

  • Finkelstein

    I think the sexual evolution of the 1960's enhanced the behavior concept that if sex was offered something should be given in return, Bill Cosby's activities for example.

    The 60's social sexual revolution loosened the ridged closeted behavior between the sexes but lets not fool ares selves there were sex predators pre 60's or pre WW's for that matter.

    The concept being well your having sex with other men loosely anyways, why not give me a little for what I can do for you. ... a favor for a favor.

    Bill Cosby's public exposure may have elevated the awareness about this exploitative damaging behavior against woman.

    I also think this recent bout of people being outed is a good thing in the long run because it places public awareness to the exploitation of woman for personal satisfaction.

  • TerryWalstrom

    Until 1979, State Laws were such it was viewed as impossible for a husband to "rape" his wife.
    Her Christian duty was to submit and not deny him in the first place.
    In my lifetime, in fact.
    In answer to the query:
    "maybe they stayed indoors and raped their wives instead."


  • Finkelstein

    Might the known situation with D Trump and his sexual predatory misconduct have created a backlash of sorts, to push woman to come forward and claim misconduct from other men ?

    He does present an old misogynistic view of woman as its known and woman can see that.

    Of course there have been gay men who were also exploitative and disrespectful to boys/men as well that are now being exposed.

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