Douglas Murray in conversation with Jordan Peterson

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    I gotta say, I wasn't particularly impressed with Peterson in his debates with Sam Harris - way too much waffling about 'the spirit of the Logos' XD

    But here is a nice, interesting discussion with Douglas Murray.

    I think there's mutual respect between the two men. During the debate with Harris in London, Peterson reached across and adjusted Murray's mic. It came somewhat out of the blue but I got the sense that this gesture showed Peterson's admiration or respect for Murray.


  • Simon

    We went to see Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin in Calgary earlier this week. Very interesting lecture to listen to.

    I do find it odd when such intelligent people cling to the religious belief though. It is a perfect illustration of why knowledge and expertise in one field doesn't translate into expertise everywhere - you can be clever but ignorant at the same time.

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