Douglas Murray in conversation with Jordan Peterson

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  • LoveUniHateExams

    I gotta say, I wasn't particularly impressed with Peterson in his debates with Sam Harris - way too much waffling about 'the spirit of the Logos' XD

    But here is a nice, interesting discussion with Douglas Murray.

    I think there's mutual respect between the two men. During the debate with Harris in London, Peterson reached across and adjusted Murray's mic. It came somewhat out of the blue but I got the sense that this gesture showed Peterson's admiration or respect for Murray.


  • Simon

    We went to see Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin in Calgary earlier this week. Very interesting lecture to listen to.

    I do find it odd when such intelligent people cling to the religious belief though. It is a perfect illustration of why knowledge and expertise in one field doesn't translate into expertise everywhere - you can be clever but ignorant at the same time.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    We went to see Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin in Calgary earlier this week - that sounds great. What was it like?

    I'd love to see Peterson and Dave Rubin live! I think one of their shows is up on YouTube but I haven't clicked on it yet.

    I have liked Dave Rubin on Face Book, tho.

    I got something on my home page from him about him doing a stand up show in Salt Lake City. So I left this comment:

    "A gay Jew in Salt Lake City - how well is that gonna go? XD Only joking, all the best from across the pond. "

    He must've seen it and liked because a couple hours later his page invited me to be a top fan, so I accepted.

    Rubin comes across as a very down to earth, easy-going guy. He is a liberal in the true sense of the word, left-leaning but he's found himself closer to the right as the left goes bat-shit and sprints further and further to the left.

    I love his interview series The Rubin Report. He lets his guest speak. He doesn't set out to trip them up (like Cathy Newman), he queries points but lets them answer.

    Did Rubin do stand up comedy when you saw him? I've never seen him do that.

    I do find it odd when such intelligent people cling to the religious belief though - me too, but I'm not sure Peterson does that.

    He uses biblical stories as metaphor and as something we can learn from. He says that he doesn't believe in God but nevertheless acts as if God exists. When Sam Harris tried to nail some things down and asked Peterson whether he believed Christ rose from the dead, Peterson wouldn't directly answer. Peterson said something like "it depends on what you mean" XD

    I like Peterson and fully agree with him about the political dangers he highlights but his response to Harris was ridiculous! XD

  • millie210

    I am so glad to see this thread. Much appreciated LoveUni!

    I have been deeply impressed and influenced by Jordan Peterson in my walk away from the JWs

    I think my soul was starved for deep intellectual thinking after dining so many years on what amounted to food from a table posing to be intellectual with very little content.

    I like knowing the "why" behind the "what". Jordan Peterson gave me things to look at as to why religion seems to be so important to people. What the archetypes are actually providing for people and why they sadly swallow so much dogma in order to fill those needs.

    He has helped me formulate my own detachment from religion as a whole, in a systematic thoughtful way.

    Perhaps for people needing to cross from the deep time they spent as a witness to a world where they can be detached and objective, he provides a bridge.

    I am not familiar with Rubin but I will be now, thank you.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Hi Millie, thanks.

    Yeah, check out Dave Rubin. He speaks to people from both sides of the left-right divide - he has allsorts on his YouTube chat show. He's typically a nice guy.

    Here's how he handled a stroppy student (& a pair of chanting idiots) when he was a guest speaker at a US university ...


    I certainly admire Peterson for his stand against creeping totalitarianism and his musings about the political landscape.

    I don't agree with Peterson 100%, obviously, and his debates with Sam Harris are an example of that.

  • cofty

    Peterson never uses five words when he can use fifty. When he is finished you still have no idea what he actually thinks — which, of course, is the whole point.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Hi Cofty - good point.

    When it comes to religion, Peterson does indeed use fifty words when five will do.

    Harris's question "Do you believe Jesus rose from the grave?" needed a one word answer.

    Peterson couldn't answer yes or no - absolutely ridiculous.

    But, at least in political matters, I feel that Peterson is much more inclined to cut to the chase.


  • cofty

    He has been an outspoken opponent of identity politics in elite colleges.

  • Simon
    that sounds great. What was it like?

    It was interesting, hard to describe really because it was pretty in depth but covered society, how people behave, some politics and influences on people's behavior etc...

    Dave Rubin did the intro and then a Q&A session after, a lot of it was about Canadian politics, the idiot we have as PM and what he's doing to Alberta (Peterson is originally from Alberta)

    He's taken quite a lot of heat for standing up against the creeping totalitarianism of the Trudeau dictatorship so it was good to go and support him but it was interesting and worthwhile in it's own right.

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