The diabolical plan of the WTBTS.

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  • Finkelstein

    Why not redefine generation as the general group of anointed on earth?

    Because that would essentially eliminate the 1914 doctrine and they don't want to do that being that it was such a core doctrine for the organization for such a long time.

    1914 + a generation and now a overlapping generation = today's JWS and the identifying headship of the FDSL

    They still think its a pressing doctrine to not abandon.

    The GB members today I don't see them eliminate 1914, the next generation of GB members perhaps.

  • OneEyedJoe
    That's one thing I don't get about the overlapping generation idea, they do realize that this will also have to be changed again at some point? Why not redefine generation as the general group of anointed on earth? As long as anointed ones still exist (and that number is actually rising) they could still say the interpretation is correct. Instead they come up with another explanation with a sell by date. Don't they learn their lesson?

    That's what they put in place in 2008, only to be changed 2 years later. My guess is that it was insufficiently motivating because the deadline for armageddon was no longer certain. What's the point of a doomsday cult if there's no reassurance that doomsday will even come in your lifetime? So they had to put another deadline in place, and apparently they went with the first idea they could come up with - it seems that 1+1=1 makes perfect sense to these guys. And the math works out just fine. The potential timeline of the new overlapping generation will almost certainly outlast every current member of the governing body. So why shouldn't they set another deadline? They won't have to deal with the fallout of it's failure, but they can revel in the success it has in motivating JWs to pay for their lifestyle and give them the adulation, praise and worship that they think they deserve.

  • Finkelstein

    Something else to keep in mind is that mankind by the WTS's proclamation is supposedly living in the last days described prophetically in the bible and due to this proclamation Armageddon was to be imminently soon.

    The WTS wants people to think that this present generation is that generation that's going to experience Armageddon, this helps to support the continuing proliferation of its literature to the public as a asertive life saving message.

    There is a lot of contrived marketing going on in this faith or publishing house that is structured within this particular religious organization.

  • JW_Rogue
    Because that would essentially eliminate the 1914 doctrine and they don't want to do that being that it was such a core doctrine for the organization for such a long time.

    It would still be there just without the false hope that something has to happen within our lifetime. They already tried that, by the time this new generation teaching fails they will have lost all credibility. I don't think this is adding any urgency to the message, most people don't understand it (because it doesn't make sense). With the first generation teaching there was urgency because the interpretation made sense (if you believe in types and anti-types that is). Many who were taught the generation teaching also didn't realize that the WT had made numerous other failed predictions. I remember being taught that 1975 was never really predicted by the WT society. That a high level apostate came up with the idea. In retrospect they were blaming the whole thing on Ray Franz. Plus, we were about to enter a new century and millennium so the feeling was that something would happen soon. That level of urgency isn't coming back, people don't even talk about Armageddon anymore. The Revelation book has been discontinued and I don't see a replacement coming soon.

  • Tech49

    Add to point #5: This is only an invitation. It doesnt mean you made it yet. God can revoke your invitation. You haven't actually made it to the party yet. We know you thought you did, we even said you did....but you didnt.

    Point # 11:

    DO NOT ASK any one of the annointed about their status, how they know they got an invitation, or what it will be like to be left here when your spouse is raptured. Definitely dont ask the GB about their golden invitations. See point 5 above.

    Point #12:

    The annointed do not receive and are not receiving any more holy spirit than the rest of you. They do not receive or have additional insight or prophecy. Well, except the Governing Body, but that's different, but don't ask them about it. And we don't have a real explanation as to why, its just the way it is. Get back in line please. See point 5 above.

    Listen obey and be blessed.

  • pixel

    "Six Convincing Lines of Evidence" that we are in the Last Days.
    Sixth, the number of genuine anointed disciples of Christ is dwindling, though some will evidently still be on earth when the great tribulation begins. Most of the remnant are quite elderly, and over the years the number of those who are truly anointed has been getting smaller." Watchtower 2000 Jan 15 p.13

    Just sayin'

  • Finkelstein

    Many who were taught the generation teaching also didn't realize that the WT had made numerous other failed predictions.

    This is true most JWS of even my era in the 60's and 70's didn't know that the WTS under C T Russell proclaimed that the generation starting from 1874 was the generation to witness the GT and 1914 was the assumable year for Armageddon.

    Why didn't most of other Christian based faiths not proclaim what the WTS did as far as making up calculated dates such as 1874 and 1914 ? because Jesus admonished his true obedient followers not to .

  • prologos

    Data Dog: "5) Anyone invited can lose that invitation. Unless you lose your head, or blood, You lost your invitation : Rev 20: [only]" those killed by the axe, will rule with Christ for a thousand years"

    Unless your fate is thus sealed, and die a sacrificial death (like Christ), dream on. provided there was a talking snake.


    Good points, everyone! Tech 49, thank you for bringing out those additional lessons from the article.

    You know... writing an in-depth breakdown of WT articles was so much easier when I had a laptop computer. This I-phone sucks ass.

    Let me preface this review by stating something. These articles require the reader to accept a few things at face value. To even begin a discussion of these articles with a JW, you must understand that they have accepted a certain number of premises as true. Namely:

    1) There is a God.

    2) That God has one channel, the WTBTS. More specifically, 7 jack holes who spend Sophia's ice-cream money to fight mandatory reporting laws.

    3) The WTBTS is correct in their interpretation of the "little flock" and "other sheep" passages in the Bible.

    4) The "Bible" is 100% reliable. ( should have mentioned that earlier..)

    5) The current idea about the 144,000 is correct. The 144,000 is a literal number.

    6) The Bible teaches that there was, and there will be, an Earthly Paradise.

    Phew....😓 Did I miss anything?

    Anyway, the first "anointed" article has some interesting statements. Paragraph #3 mentions the 120 Xians who were in the upper room at Pentacost 33 CE. They "recieved the free gift of the Holy Spirit." Why? They had repented and were baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. Then some 3,000 more were baptized. Henceforth, they were "anointed."

    This raises some questions. Have modern Dubs been baptized in the name of Jesus Christ? Do they recieve the free gift of Holy Spirit? More importantly, did any of the 1st century Xians who recieved their anointing ( Only an invitation..) actually make the cut? This is a HUGE question!!

    The WTBTS has historically made a gigantic issue of numbers and statistics being "proof" that they alone are the "one true religion." I never said that. Did you? Did we write and publish WT articles that claimed numbers were important? Did anyone at HQ ask for your opinion? F*** NO!!! This a top-down hierarchy, remember??

    According to the "We want to go with you people." article, no one knows who the anointed are. We know that some have received the "guaranteed invitation", but we won't know if they made it ( neither will they..😑 ) until before they die or sometime before the GT! ( see paragraph #3) The R&F won't know until who the F*** knows when! Rest assured, they will know someday in the "Paradise."

    So, hypothetically speaking, what if almost ZERO of the 1st Century Xians were found worthy? What if most Xians throughout human history have proven false? Maybe they..I don't know..joined the UN, or the OSCE? Maybe they signed Bibles for Government officials, or refused to go to Court, or lied under oath??! ( I'm just brainstorming here...) If God had to choose other persons to make up the literal 144,00 because few proved worthy, and we were truly in the "End Times", wouldn't the number of partakers INCREASE??? ( I can't wait to try that one out with an Eldub.)

    Did CTR make the cut? Did Rutherford? Did Ray Franz? How could you know? This makes the "going with you people" absurd to say the least! According to the article, "..we need to identify such ones as a group.."

    WTF does that even mean??? We can't know if any professed "anointed" are genuine, and we won't until who the hell knows when! What a convenient position for a cult! How can we hope to identify this mysterious group? Would they be more likely, or less likely to be honest? Would they be more likely, or less likely to "turn a blind eye" to badness? Would this group be more likely, or less likely to spend Jeehibbity-hop's dedicated funds to fight mandatory reporting laws for clergy members? Would "genuine anointed" be more likely, or less likely to....let's say...hire..mmmm, I don't know....MONICA APPLEWHITE???

    When viewed from an objective viewpoint, these articles of "truth" simply raise more questions and muddy the waters. Of course, the sheeple are ignorant as hell and they just don't use any of their reasoning abilities.

    The "anointed" also do not want special treatment. LOL!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! HAAAAHHHHAHAHAHAHHHAAAAA! WTF-ever!!??? The "Faithful Slave" sure the f*** wants unquestioned obedience from the R&F!! I suppose this article only applies to "anointed" who are not located at HQ??

    This is also interesting. Note paragraph #9 of the "Go with you.." article. It states that "None of us would want to cause one of Christ's Brothers to stumble!" Aaarrrghh!!!! 🙀 Can you even imagine such a thing!!! TOMO's faith in Jeehobo is so frail that you could stumble him out of "Da Troof" if you have him sign your Bible!!!! OMG!!!! 😱

    This is just plain f***tarded. Do I even need to cite the inummerable WT articles about the impossibility of stumbling a faithful one? SERIOUSLY??? So what if Brother Touch'N'stuff fiddles with your child?!?! You're going to use that as an excuse to "leave Jerk-hoober"??? SHAME ON YOU!!! How many times have you heard articles that minimize the deplorable behavior of Elders, while throwing the blame on the R&F??? Well, here is the ultimate guilt-trip!!! YOU could stumble one of Jesus' Bros!!! LOL!!!! Again, I can't wait to bring up the glaring inconsistency with an Eldub!

    Then we have "false brothers." OMG!!! Who the f*** could that be???? Gerrit Losche, TOMO, Jacko???? Perhaps an "anointed" Elder/ Lawyers who gets thrown under the bus?? HAHAHA!! We will have to wait and see!

    From a corporate standpoint, this is a great idea to plant in the minds of the ignorant sheeple. What could constitute more proof of the WTBTS's validity of of the "End Times" than for one or more "long time faithful" and "prominent" members of the "anointed" to get DF'd!!??? HOLY SHIT!!!! Just think about it!!! "One of you needs to fall on your sword!", says the WTBTS owners. "Who volunteers??", they ask!!

    This is pure conjecture, of course! How great would that be?? The worst case scenario/shit-storm hits the WTBTS and someone has to take the fall! "Not me!!", says Gerrit!!! LOL!!!!

    As already mentioned, not all who are "anointed" are part of the "Slave." Of course they aren't! DUH?!?!?? How could you have a hierarchy like the RCC if everyone who was "anointed" had input in company policy?? We have to accept that premise, along with the premise that the "Evil Slave" doesn't actually exist! Hmmmm...?? Wasn't there a line about the Devil making people believe that he wasn't real? Who would benefit from a hypothetical "Evil Slave" anyway?? Good people, or bad?

    That's it for now! I'm starving!! Bye-bye!!! 😎


  • sowhatnow

    you speak truth data dog, i just read it on the internet. lol

    but , lo an behold, the mystery may be solved, and reveled the hidden secret

    of the heavenly class on the other post.

    so let it be written, so let it be done...

    go be well fed.

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