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  • Lostandfound
  • darkspilver

    Seems to be a complete rip-off from the Reddit thread, with nothing added, well apart from a stock image from France (!)

    I mean, whatever happened to journalism? Oh yes, of course, the Independent stopped printing five months ago.

    But then, as one of the comments says: "it's nice to see the Indy expanding its reporting horizons - from single, anonymous sources on FaceBook and Twitter to single anonymous sources on Reddit too."

  • steve2

    I see what you mean darkspilver. I wonder what prompted the Independent to run the story - which concedes its from the net? Is there a big convention of JWs coming up in the UK? Sometimes the media does rushed tie-in stories. At least this time it's not a glowing PR piece for the organization - as happens when the organization's media "arm" submits completed stories to local media outlets for reproducing, giving an appearance of being the work of an "independent" journalist.

    What happened to the craft of journalism? Eaten alive by the internet, I'm afraid. There are fewer investigative stories by journalists - a sign that print and televisual media have been superseded by internet sources, whether by journalists or others.

  • darkspilver

    Hi steve2

    I wonder what prompted the Independent to run the story

    He was probably just browsing Reddit

  • wizzstick

    I think it's great to see.

    It seems to have had quite a reaction:

    UPDATE: Wow, this just exploded. Please bear with me as I try to keep up with all the questions!

    UPDATE 2: Thanks for all the questions people, there were so many that unfortunately I couldn't answer them all, but my fellow Ex-JWs managed to answer a few. I will return here tomorrow and try to answer ones that were left unanswered. And even after the AMA ends I urge you to visit r/exjw, you will get even more answers there.

    UPDATE 3: R.I.P. Inbox. 1100 unread messages. It will probably take a while to take it down to 0 :).

    For us it's nothing new, but the more people start to realise what a high control group the JW's are, the better.

    It certainly doesn't hurt to see more Elders (in this case from Poland) waking up.

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