Food TV and other cable delites

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  • Mommie Dark
    Mommie Dark

    Is anybody else a foodie?

    Fans of Comedy Central and Bravo?

  • Wounded Heart
    Wounded Heart

    hey mommy dark,

    i love to watch iron chief on Food TV. they make some of the most extravagent foods/recipies that ill never make or eat but i love watching the process. thats really the only one i like to watch as in chiefs but sometimes i catch others while flipping thru and stop to watch. depends on my mood really. i love watching the different factories they tour.

    just found out that CourtTV has movies on the weekend. pretty good mystery type movies. some are based on true stories others are not.

    i also love having disney channel. i enjoy watching davey crockett and other movies i saw as a child. i see them when my insomnia is kicked up.

    the best of all is Lifetime TV. LOVE IT!!! about women, for women, by women. it has some real great stuff to watch--movies, series, etc. my favorite is the series, Strong Medicine (11pm Sunday nights)--its the best! and it deals with women's issues! ive enjoyed that very much. Lifetime is my favorite channel. there is always something i can find to watch on them.

    take care and enjoy!

    Wounded Heart

    Love by giving to & accepting others unconditionally = true, pure love

  • Mommie Dark
    Mommie Dark

    Did you see the Iron Chef America challenge? Where Murimoto beat Bobby Flay?

    My 9-year-old watched it with me, and he got real vindictive when Murimoto won! He said, "Iron Chef whooped Bobby Flay's butt! Bobby Flay looked MAD! His Mom looked mad! I bet his girlfriend left him.. I would!" Such fan loyalty...;)

    I like Food TV a lot, it's so...appetizing...

    I let the TV talk to me all day.. right up until we can't pay the cable bill (which is coming right up any day now). It's been a while since we got that busted, but I think I remember how to spend a summer without tv... of course when they cut off my cable they'll take the internet connection, too, so I wonder what I'll be doing then?

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