lf evolution is true then doesnt it make sense that other life forms exist on far away planets.?

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  • atomant
    Just thought ld throw it out there for discussion.lf we evolved from nothing doesnt it stand to reason that other life forms also evolved from nothing?l mean lets face it time is infinite. So given enough time its possible for anything to happen isnt it?
  • ILoveTTATT2
    Your post shows you don't understand the first thing about evolution: evolution and abiogenesis are two different topics.
  • smiddy

    OK I`ll bite , first off evolutionists do not say life evolved from nothing , that is a misconception to say the least.and exposes your ignorance in this field.Cast off your simplistic , Watchtower view of evolution and read some science regarding the topic.

    Let me ask you this question , why do you think their are billions of galaxies in the known universe , this means their are billions of stars in the universe , some like our sun , others smaller , and even others that are far larger in size than our sun. ?

    Why / how do they exist.?

    These billions of stars that exist , by all accounts have billions more planets that revolve around them .

    The fact that our technology to date has only found over a thousand such planets in near galaxies does not mean the greater number of galaxies do not have planets orbiting them , it just means because of the distances involved and our limited technology to date is we can not verify them to exist.

    While their is no evidence as yet , of any life , primitive or otherwise , microbiological , bacteria , or whatnot , in our galaxie , the milky way,, their are other planets that exist and the have not one , but a number of moons orbiting them Have you ever wondered why ?

    atomant , dont take offence at my post but do yourself a favour and look outside the box,the religion of J.W.`s has conned members for well over 100 years .

    Think about this : the words/statements in the Bible have remained unchainged for over 2000 years , and all religions including the Jehovah`s Witnesses have accepted them.

    However the words / statements made by Jehovah`s Witnesses in their publications are in a continual state of flux , changes , flip flops ,in only 135 years of their existence .

    Who in their right mind could put faith in their words ?

    Did the Bible writers keep changing their beliefs / statements /words , every few years with the excuse , we have new light from Jehovah ? , in the 4000 years that the Bible was written ? From Moses to the Apostles ?

    I don`t think so .


  • theliberator

    Atomant: I don't agree with you being simplistic or ignorant. The people on this forum can be asinine about technicalities that they have lost common sense and can't read between the lines. All you are really asking is, if abiogenesis AND evolution are true, then shouldn't it be common or at least happening in other parts of the universe?

    The fact is some believe God started evolution. Some believe the universe always existed. Some think aliens planted life here. But most don't. So the assumption is to lump Both abiogenesis AND evolution together. But I knew what you were asking. You've got to understand this place is like walking on eggshells. Intelligence runs high here. Emotional IQ... Not so much.

  • cofty

    automat - I agree. I think that life will be common in the universe.

    The big hurdle might be eukaryotic multi-celled life. That was a massive step against the odds.

    Most other life will likely be more like bacteria or archaea

  • atomant
    great post theliberator l expected the response l received.ln a way its very sad,Nevermind we are all different and each entitled to our opinions because thats all they are is opinions. By the way l simply asked a question and got attacked.l never stated or implied what my belief is.And yes l have spent many many hours researching evolution amongst other things. lt seems to me the wt have burnt many people and irreparably damaged them leaving them emotionally scarred,l was dragged along to meetings against my will until my early teens when l made a stand and refused to go to any more meetings because it gave me the shits and l didnt believe it.l didnt allow their brain washing techniques to influence me.
  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    We won't know until we get out there and look!

    But I would say there is a fair chance we could find life in the next couple of years (if it's to be found). Jupiter's moon Europa and Saturn's moon Enceladus both have liquid oceans under their icy surfaces. And both of them have ice volcanoes that eject some of the material from their oceans into outer space. In the near future we plan to fly a probe through the plumes and analyze the samples for microbial life.

    Another exciting bit of science is the James Webb Telescope which is going to be launched next year. It is a hundred times more powerful than the Hubble Space Telescope and will be able to analyze the atmosphere of exo-planets. If we find a planet with high oxygen rates then we will know that it harbors at least basic life - perhaps something similar to cyanobacteria - because high rates of oxygen in an atmosphere can only be maintained by life. Without a constant renewal oxygen will bond with hydrogen - the most common element in the universe - and turn back into water.

  • Mephis

    It wouldn't surprise me if we found evidence of life having existed on Mars a few billion years ago, and we may even discover life on some of the moons in the solar system over the next 50 years or so as we are able to explore them.

    We're discovering that life is possible in the most extreme environments possible on Earth. That translates to its possibility on other planets.

    We're limited more by our ability to explore and locate any which may exist. Intelligent life is equally difficult as we need to be in detectable range and the distances and timescales are just so vast. It's perfectly possible that we may be the only intelligent life in existence right now in any case. Other intelligent life may never overlap with our ability to detect each other, even if we could.

  • Heaven

    atomant, I am not sure if Evolution itself assures life on other planets but together with the knowledge that Nasa's Kepler and K2 missions ( Kepler Mission Planets In Habitable Zones ) have discovered, I would agree that Evolution would be part of that answer.

    Besides the Earth, there are so far, 12 other known planets in the Universe that are located within 'the habitable zone' of other stars. Our sun is one of the key ingredients that allowed life to begin and evolve on this planet. It is therefore very viable that life exists on these other 12 planets as well.

  • smiddy

    atomant / the liberator ,

    If abiogenisis And evolution are true , then shouldn`t it be common or at least happening in other parts of the universe ?

    Fair comment.... But who`s to say it hasn`t ? It is almost incomprehensible to take in the size of the universe , let alone to know what is taking place here or their .

    Our knowledge of the universe is like a drop of water in a bucket of water with our technology today , sure we have made inroads , and the more we learn the more questions are asked.

    And in the future we will advance in knowledge and techniques to find out more about the universe we live in.

    It`s just out of our reach at the moment .


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