Where is the Divine Assembly?

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    Where is the Divine Assembly mentioned in Psalm 82?


    In an interview by your favorite radio station (lol) Watchtower of Babel, we ask Dr. Heiser (starts at 50:47 see link above) about the parallel passages: Psalm 82 (Divine Council-Sons of God) and Psalm 89:5-7 [6-8] (Sons of the Most High) :

    “Psalm 82:1 is perhaps the best example, as it employs the expression ʿdt ʾil(m)(Divine Council) (Hebrew: ףֲדַת־אֵל ) for the council, along with a transparent reference to gods under the authority of Israel's God: ‚God (אֱלֹהִים ) stands in the council of El/the divine council (ףֲדַת־אֵל ); among the gods (אֱלֹהִים ) he passes judgment.‛ The second occurrence of אֱלֹהִים (gods) must be semantically plural due to the preposition ‚in the midst of.‛ (Deut 32:8-9 (LXX, DSS). A parallel passage, Psalm 89:5-7 [6-8], places the God of Israel ‚in the assembly of the holy ones‛ (בִקְהַל קְדֹשִים ) and then asks ‚ [FOR WHO IN THE CLOUDS] (בַשַחַק ) can be compared to Yahweh? Who is like Yahweh among the sons of God (בְנֵי אֵלִים ), a god greatly feared in the council of the holy ones (בְסוֹד־קְדֹשִים )?‛ The divine council is in the heavens, not on earth where the Jewish judges are. (Caps/brackets are my own doing-showing emphasis)

    Psalm 82.”-Dr. Heiser’s Essay on the Divine Assembly.

    Read the entire essays here:



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