AUSTRALIAN ROYAL COMMISSION: Lawyer Representing Jehovah's Witnesses Child Abuse Survivors Reveals Trauma In Dealing With Cases

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  • jwleaks

    Article on Angela Sdrinis who represents JW abuse survivors in Victoria, Australia.

  • Xanthippe

    Thanks for this. I like that she says children have been silenced and made to feel ashamed that they've been sexually abused and have carried that shame I nto adulthood, when it's the religions that have hidden the abusers that should feel ashamed. Hopefully the ARC will bring that shame down on JWs and other churches.

  • rebelfighter

    Thank you jwleaks excellent article.

    Never should the victims feel like they did anything wrong.

  • punkofnice
    "It's fairly common where someone in a position of power abuses a child, that they put a burden of silence and shame on that child, which that child carries for the rest of their life," she said.

    Yes. Not only is that an abuser but that's the WBT$ all over. The WBT$ are skilled abusers.

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