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  • SheilaM

    FIrst Thank you all for your support of my many questions for my art etc. I've had a stressful two days but here is what has happened.

    In Creative Writing I had to read two of my works I chose Awakening Too which I posted here and a folktale done in the style of Catcher in the Rye/Salinger called Catc-her in the oven. Really tongue in cheek. If you'd like me to post it holler it's a about two pages.

    Speech: First my teachers Mother passed and so it worked out that we will have an easy time of it this semester. I did my How To speech and I did HOW TO MAKE GUACAMLE it went well not sure of my grade until Friday.

    Sculpture:My Watchtower was well recieved (THANK YOU JGNAT) I also had the opportunity to do a do a major rant on the dubsNow my other sculpture my sun (I'll post a pic of it later) she loved and asked me if she could enter in the Art Show for the collegeI was so psyched!!!!!! Also in Thunder's book I did the map and worked on the cover so my art which I never have shown anyone is now reaching people all over . WOW

    I'm enjoying Photography and plan on scanning some of my pics and getting some feedback

    Psychology: I LOVE and am making a B if I went to class I could make an A LOL

    Creative Writing: I'm getting an A also so hopefully I'll make honor roll we will see

    That's all for now..

  • jgnat

    I better get this straight. Scully gave you the idea, not me! Let's give credit where credit is due. Actually I was going to pass on a ten-page thesis on my ideas on composition, but I ran out steam.

    I sure wouldn't want to contribute to any rumors that Scully = JGnat!

  • SheilaM


    (((((Scully))))) I am sooooo sorry not to give you the proper creditI am sooooo embarrassed. Thank you gobs.

    <going to go hit head against the wall>

  • dottie


    I am so happy that your doing so well. I know that going back to school after being out for so is can have it's ups and downs...but you're very smart and I know that you will be successful

    Many hugz and much love to you!


  • SheilaM


    Thanks so muchYa I get really stressed about deadlines and being a procrastinating perfectionist is hard

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Hey Sheila, sounds like you're doing great! How do you feel about it? I mean do you feel
    good about school? Oh I'm sure it was tough reading a story in front of everyone, but it
    sounds as if you're progressing really well.


  • SheilaM


    Thanks so much. Well I really love school I love to learn and so it sutis me. I still get so shocked when others rave about my workI just love the arts part but in Fall I have to get some base classes out of the way so I'll be doing Botany, History etc. But I want to fit in another Photography and at least a creative writing class.

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