The Devil's Music

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  • COMF

    Man, spring is in the air and I feel the need to JAM! I haven't played with a live band since I moved here last August. Last band, circa July 2000 - Virgin Ears:

    Don't any of you exJW musicians live within traveling distance of Dallas?

    T.R., man, what is that around your neck? It looks too small for a bass. Is it a guitar, banjo, mandolin...? Where are you?

    We need, at minimum, a guitar/keyboard/other lead instrument, a bass, and me on drums (you other drummers... I'll think about it). We could come together, practice a few times, and then hold our own ApostoFest free concert! C'mon, you guys, respond, let's put together a band.

    My suggestion for a name: Apostatitis


    Giggin' with the Texas Firewater Band:

  • riz

    Can I be a groupie?

    I've already got a scorching case of Apostatitis.

    (digs the devil's music)

    Insanity in individuals is something rare- but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule. - Nietzsche

  • SixofNine

    Speaking of which; Lucinda Williams, tues. night, Gypsy Tea Room. Be there or be a JW

    I should have invited you to Blue Rodeo last tuesday. I have a feeling they are your type of show, Comf (maybe the best live show I have ever seen).

    Call me.

  • COMF

    Offer (from last year) still stands. I have a regular jam going on every Friday night now, but would like to put together an exJW band for a summer Apostafest. Come one, come all jammin' Texas Exes! Out with it, you rocker wannabees who never did because the society woulda spanked yer twitchin' buttcheeks. Can you unleash some raw rock? Or is your musical talent a crock?

    Apostatitis, now forming!

    COMF, reposting relocated pics

    Drum solo circa 1972 (in the days before reality set in):

    Texas Firewater Band (unseen):

    Virgin Ears band:

    Early gig (circa 1968):

    What happens when a drunk bass player leaves a candle burning in the practice house bathroom at 2:00 AM:

  • TR

    It's a Samick Artist Series solid body Gibson style with double humbucks.

    Looks like I better start practicing. I need a bigger amp.



  • COMF

    Sheesh, TR, I can't even paste that one in and see it. I'm not "authorized".

    Email it to me and I'll put it on my site where you can link it and we can all oo and ah. :)


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