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  • DJ

    I don't know about you guys but I've just about had it with the media. I probably should say that I have a new perpective about the media. News channels like CNN and MSNBC are only about ratings. IMO if we (the masses) must have an understanding that these stations are just businesses trying to get the best ratings which = money. I get the feeling that they are itchy and can barely contain themselves like little children waiting for dessert. All that they can talk about is the looming war which only creates fear in the minds and hearts of people who watch. I admit it, I was sucked into CNN by the O.J. trial. (remember that?) Now I am gaining perspective as a big girl......we have to take what they say with a grain of salt and not let them strike fear into our hearts. I am quite sure that there are many here who know what I mean. My husband said to me this morning the he is beginning to get very concerned because KYW news radio was talking about WW3! I must say that I was surprised by my husband's reaction and it gave me a new way to look at the media. They are selling a story to anyone who wants to buy. They have an agenda to get a hold of your mind and keep you watching. They literally do go to the ends of the earth for a story. They have the ability to create terror in the hearts of people before any terrorism has occurred. I suddenly realized that even IF WW3 did break out.....there isn't a dang thing that I could do to change that. Even IF my family and I were blown to smitherines........there isn't a dang thing that I could do about that either! Prior to the existence of these 24 hr. news- monger channels folks didn't have the constant threats coming into their family rooms. The terrorists can gain their objective simply by gaining the attention of the media and us allowing the media into our homes. I do think that these channels serve a purpose and do a lot of good in most cases but in this instance it's as if the world has stopped and the only thing to dwell on is a war in the middle east. There should be a better balance, imo. I've turned the tv off.....atleast until tonight.....lol.... Anyone know what I mean?

  • calamityjane

    I hear ya, I agree with you 100%.

  • Francois

    I agree with you 100% as well, and I have spent most of my working life as a professional journalist.

    I'll tell you what gets to me the fastest, and disgusts me the most: the talking heads at CNN and to a lesser degree at Fox, seem to all be great looking females in their mid- to late twenties. Their appeal is two miles wide and about and eighth of an inch deep. How can these news bimbos have any background or depth of insight into what they are reporting? They can't. They are doing nothing but reading what someone else has written for them. The appeal of and use for these news bimbos is for ratings pure and simple, and I for one resent the hell out of such an obvious ploy. Remember when CNN put a former actress on the air as a news reader after having her serve as a reporter for six months somewhere in Arizona? I'd be willing to bet that more people went to the site which published pictures of her boobs (nice) than gave her any serious attention as a news person.

    For the most part, it's not news anymore, it's leftist propaganda delivered by easy-on-the-eye news bimbos - er, readers.

    My two cents.


  • DJ

    Did this topic post under 'Friends"? I wouldn't know, since I am posting this reply thry my member history. The Friends category on my computer is always atleast a day or so behind. Examlpe today is Wed., March 19th.....but I have no new topics under Friends that are dated the 19th, only the 17th and 18th. Caching problem? What is that anyway? Help>>>>>>>!!

  • xjw_b12

    Yup...just try to find a tv program that isn't about the looming war, or a program, that isn't interuppted with a newsflash or update about Iraq. Kinda hard to do.

    Been watching a lot more Food Network, and Comedy channel these days !

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