JW Phobias

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  • Jourles

    List of JW phobias ---

    1. Mediacontreltophobia: Fear of hidden congregational sexual abuse being exposed by the media
    2. Apostoangrophobia: Fear of raving mad Apostates
    3. Congopogonophobia: Fear of being seen in the kingdom hall with non-approved facial hair
    4. Rhabdophobia: Young JW's fear of Proverbs coming true(fear of using the rod)
    5. Hemophobia: Fear of accepting blood
    6. Theolevophobia: Fear of being at God's left hand instead of his right
    7. Apostobibliophobia: Fear of Apostate literature
    8. Nonjwecclesiophobia: Fear of going into a non-jw church
    9. Apostoenissophobia: Fear of being criticized by Apostates
    10. Demonophobia: Fear of the demons
    11. Heresyphobia: Fear of questioning the FDS
    12. Congopartydipsophobia: Fear of drinking at a congregational get-together
    13. Panophobia: Sort of encompasses everything here....Fear of everything
    14. Metaphoroptophobia: Fear of opening their eyes(metaphorically speaking)
    15. Doctrinalatychiphobia: Fear of their doctrines failing to come true
    16. Post-1935 Ouranophobia: Fear of going to heaven
    17. Antidikephobia: Fear of not getting justice in a judicial meeting
    18. Gnosioselaphobia: Fear of not understanding New Light flashing forth
    19. Hylephobia: Fear of materialism
    20. Anginodoorophobia: Fear of not making it through the narrow door
    21. Gerascophobia: Fear of growing old in this system
    22. Glossophobia: Fear of giving talks or speaking to people in field service
    23. Theohippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: Fear of those long words in the bible
    24. Memorialoenophobia: Fear of drinking the wine passed at the memorial

    Ok, some of these prefixes(and middles) are made up, but the overall meanings fit the rule.

    Go to http://www.phobialist.com for more phobias that you can make up.

  • manon

    #10 Demonophobia=This phobia was usually accompanied with severe headaches and fatigue.

  • eyegirl


    i think i experienced number 22 while pioneering

  • Bangalore

    Nice list.


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