Episode Three - Emily is shunned by Jehovah's Witnesses - Is now live!

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    There are many ways to be shunned as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Emily’s story highlights a path that many take, a path of personal growth with stumbles along the way that result in ostracism, a path that deviates from the prescribed path of a cult that requires everyone to walk the same or face the consequences. This story shines a light on the spectrum of the JW experience.

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    Can't imagine why someone negged you for that one, unless it was a scrolling mistake. Hope you enjoy, or at least find something that resonates with you. She was fun to interview, and although she didn't think her story was worthy of telling and that it would resonate, I think it will a lot. People lived all kinds of stories in the cult. My family was very much uber JWs, but not all were, and people's families came from all types of backgrounds and went in all types of directions even in the cult.

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    Thanks dubstepped!

    Looking forward to this!!

    Really appreciate the work that goes into your podcasts!

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