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  • Sabin
    I just thought of something the WT is allowed to take a gamble with all our contrabutions on the stocks & shares market, but don't you buy a lottery ticket or we will disfellowship you. You gambling sinner you. Who now plays lottery? I don't still afraid some-one may see me.
  • joe134cd
    It's the same sort of deal with insurance and a game of odds. You bet (in the form of an insurance premium) that you won't crash your car and they bet against it that you will. Sometimes you lose and some times you win.
  • smiddy

    My wife and I play the lottery , keno , and the pokies every week with a regulated controlled amount within our budget varying what we play from week to week as to what vice we choose. Some weeks we win some weeks we lose. I seldom play the pokies $500 is the most I have ever one , my wife prefers the pokies and she has had greater success with $ 5000 & $7000 a couple of times.My best win was $14000 on keno with many $$$$ under $1000 , all this over a period of many years since we were out .

    If we have a big win we do something constructive with it.

    As the ads say if your going to gamble do it responsibly and set your limits to what you outlay within your budget. That way we do not lose a lot in any one week.

    I also go in a racing tipping competition at the local bowls club on a Saturday $2 per entry 3 points a win 2 points second and 1 point for third placing , the winner with the most points takes all , I have won that numerous times and I don`t bet on the horses.LOL

    We look upon it as an interest and a form of entertainment that is sometimes profitable .

    33 years in the "truth" the only thing we gambled with was our lives.

    And that was a no win situation at all.


  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Sabin I think the G.B cover the stocks and shares issue by saying it's not actually gambling.

    We had a brother who did stocks and shares very impressivly for a while, then not so impressively. My point being whilst buying a lottery ticket is classified as greed, stocks and share is seen as investment.

    My personal advice to any poster is that investing in property is much safer. Also transferring currency from one country to another can be very proffitable. With stocks and shares its often because you have limited funds, and dependent on who you know,

    I am sure large companies investing in stocks and shares, spread the risk and have exsperienced advisers. In my option big business and religion is simply big business, and the products the money gets invested in are often highly immoral.

    Anyway the G.B argument doesn't hold and buying a lottery ticket does not make a person any more greedy than any other form of investment.

    Smiddy, you and your wife enjoy your flatters and have fun. If you have a budget to have fun,what is the difference between having a flatter on the horses and playing golf?

    The Rebel.

  • galaxie

    gambling and greed aside.. the ethics , aims and practices of the companies in which the wtbts have a financial interest, are the very same practices which have been outlined in the watchtower and other jw publications as.. going against jehovahs direction in which 'he' wishes his followers to abide by.

    They are hypocrites of the highest order. Most jws are as blinkered horses being led down the garden path.

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Any witness who says they don't gamble, doesn't understand they are gambling with the one life they have and the odds of them being right are stacked against them.They would have more chance in winning the National lottery and they don't even play it.

    The Rebel.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    There are NO bible verses that ban gambling. Cannot justify this one.
  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Witness007 " There are NO bible verses that ban gambling. Cannot justify this one"

    The Rebel: - Maybe the G.B think it's there money you are gambling with?

    I mean isnt it the little fun money you would have bought a lottery ticket with the same money you instead put in to the "World Wide FUND" box ?

    The Rebel.

  • smiddy

    I guarantee The Elders ,G.B. or a K.H., would not knock back any contribution given to them from proceeds of a gambling /lottery win by any J.W. or any person of interest .

    Thanks for the contribution but don`t do it again .( unless you win )

    Do you think they have knocked back contributions made to them from M.Jackson ? in the past . Any of the Williams sisters ? or Prince ? just to name a few .

    Any non celebrity status person in a congregation would be hauled before a judicial committee if they tried to live the life-style of these celebrities , with there adoration of fans to a point of Idol worship ?

    Just saying.


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