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  • carla

    Here is a link to an older article about jw's & mind control. It appears to be from the time period when jw's were about 5 million and still had that extra meeting during the week. I have no idea about the website in general, only found the article doing some research. I think it is a great article especially for non jw's to understand the milieu of the cult, would be good for a jw to read but we all know that would never happen.

    edit- can't get link to work, just googled jehovah witnesses and mind control

    An example from the article, ....."In Witnessworld, there can be no grey area to allow for any form of evolution. In general, if the Society agrees with a scientist and needs support for an argument, s/he is "a noted scientist"; "an expert", but those who present disagreeable views of the world (as seen through Watchtower spectacles) will be labelled "God-dishonouring scientists promoting human concepts" or "worldly scientists", even if they are the most devout Christians. Philosophy or university (with the epithets "worldly") and anything which leads to "independent thinking", are also disapproved."

  • carla

    ah phooey too bad the link will not work, never mind.

  • AnonVet

    You formulated the link with too much at the end. This is the corrected link:


  • carla

    Oh, thanks! like I said I have not looked at the rest of the website just that article.

  • schnell

    Illusion of choice.

    Ya know, there have been a number of video games lately which, in trying to be immersive and cinematic, present the player with a choice between two or three options, but the choice doesn't matter. It really amounts to continuing an on-going cinematic cutscene.



    This is the illusion of choice. When your choice doesn't really matter, are you really in control? Or have the programmers and designers set out a scripted path for you to follow?

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I looked through the article. It dates to abt 1998 and the organization is in Texas USA. Clearly an ex JW contributed to much of the content. Frankly the site looks kind of cultish itself, mystical mysteries etc.

  • carla

    I agree with you dropoff about the looks of the site, as I said I had not looked at the content of the site, the article just came up when googling. The article itself is good though and not mystical etc..... mostly how the gb controls the r & f and does not encourage independent thinking and so on.

  • scratchme1010

    I have a link from an organization that does research and provides support on mind control and high demand groups:


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