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    Hypocrisy in the Org

    Just off the top of my head, I came up with a bunch of examples showing the JW's hypocrisy. Any others to add?


    JW talking to another JW: Did you hear about all the pedophilia going on in the Catholic church? How perverted, how do they still stay as members in such a sick false religion! It is so painfully obvious something is wrong and not being directed by God.

    JW's response when it happens in the Org: That is fake news and if it's real, these are imperfect men. The Governing Body still deserves our undying devotion and loyalty to everything they command us to do! We will never leave Jehovah and his loving Organization!


    JW talking to a householder: You shouldn't be shunned by your family just because you are searching for truth and don't agree with the religion you were raised in, that isn't right!

    JW's response when another JW wakes up and doesn't want to partake of the religion they were raised in: You are an apostate and must be shunned the rest of your life! How dare you say you have found out any other truth, we have the one and only truth!


    JW talking to a householder: As JWs, we don't have, or support any manmade traditions, we strictly adhere to God's Word, the Bible.

    JWs wake up and realize many traditions of men are being followed that have no Scriptural support, such as Judge Rutherford's rule for no one to wear beards. You can write a letter to HQ asking about it, they will respond with pages and pages talking in circles, they don't have a Scriptural response.


    JWs talking to a householder: Yes, we have to endure persecution because Jesus said his true followers would have to endure it, so we're not surprised that people hate us. When we receive it, we rejoice because it's for righteousness sake.

    JWs response to the Russia happenings: Let's flee the country and serve Jehovah somewhere else where we won't be persecuted! We need to pray to Jehovah to reverse Dennis Christensen's prison sentence! We need to write Putin millions of letters that this isn't right, we have been wronged and are being persecuted for our faith!


    JWs talking to a householder: As Jehovah's clean people, we stay away from anything that has pagan origins.

    Householder: I noticed you have a wedding ring on, that is of pagan origin.

    JW's response: Well, that is a personal choice, a conscience matter that we have to decide for on our own.


    JW's talking to a householder: As Jehovah's humble people, we never engage in anything that brings honor to ourselves, it's about praising Jehovah and his great name. For example, we never celebrate our birthday's, give recognition to our mother or father on those holidays, because that would be wrong.

    Householder: But don't you have gradution parties, isn't that sort of bringing honor to yourself in the forms of receiving money and gifts for a worldly accomplishment you achieved?

    JW's response: Well, that is a personal choice, a conscience matter that we have to decide for on our own.


    JW's talking among themselves in the 1980s:

    JW 1: Wow, I'm getting really exhausted from going to meetings Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, it's just too much!

    JW 2: Now JW 1, you have a very bad attitude, these are loving provisions from Jehovah, you need to go, we NEED these meetings, every single on of them!

    JW's conversation after the Slave gets rid of 1 meeting during the week:

    JW 1: I am so glad they got rid of that meeting, I told you I was getting burnt out, I'm sure millions of others felt the same way I did.

    JW 2: Stop being prideful and running ahead of Jehovah's chariot. Now that the Slave has cancelled that one meeting, yes, now I agree maybe things were getting a little challenging for the brotherhood to handle it all.


    JW's proclaim: We don't do any of that nonsense Christendom does like passing around collection plates or tithing, they are just trying to make money off of their people.

    JW's in reality: Use peer pressure at meetings to pass resolutions and force people to give more. Easy to go unnoticed by mostly everyone not putting money on a plate, but keeping your hand down while everyone else is raising there's, everyone notices. Also, they have printed they would like anyone who is interested in giving to them, to donate cash, savings, retirement, 401k, stocks, bonds, homes, land, jewelry, in essence, any asset of any value.


    JW's: Disfellowshipping and not talking to someone is such a loving provision, it's tough love and helps them come to their senses.

    JW's to the rank and file in their publications: Under no conditions, would we want to use the "silent treatment" in our marriages or our friendships with a brother or sister. This is so detrimental to our relationships. It affects ones mental well being and is so unloving and cruel.


    JW's reality: Our leadership do not make any money for what they do, they aren't like Christendom's priests that get a salary. They are working for Jehovah and giving up everything in their lives.

    Reality: The Governing Body live a luxurious life, they never have to stress about paying rent or a mortgage, have very nice amenites in Warwick that includes a gym, tennis courts, basketball courts (They also don't show you their living quarters when you tour Warwick), have others do their laundry, have others prepare all their meals, no cars to work on and maintain, fly all over the world on someone elses dime giving talks, treated as celebrities by millions of JWs. You can see this from the midweek meeting this week, the video they played called Love in Action. Sanderson flew to one of the areas ravaged by a natural disaster and you can observe people adore those men. You tell me, are they that different from Christendom's leaders? They aren't driving around in fancy sports cars or living in mansions, but any of us could only dream of having all our needs and wants cared for as they do.


    JW’s reality: People that have been disfellowshipped or disassociated return to the Organization because they love Jehovah and miss him dearly.

    Reality: They return because they miss their family and friends dearly. A relationship with Jehovah can still be maintained without the Organization involved, people imprisoned are living proof, or the millions over the years that have disassociated. The Organization even subtly admits people come back for their loved ones in their own videos and examples. Disfellowshipped ones admit if their family or friends would have spoke with them “even just a little bit”, it would have been enough for them to stay away from coming back to the Organization. That sums up why people return, straight from the horse’s mouth.

  • Tameria2001

    Talking about hypocrisy they actually removed that word from several of the verses in their silver bible and switched it out for apostasy.

  • ShirleyW

    BourneIdentity - you question the hypocrisy of the Borg? That's what they're based on !!

    Everyone knows two things about the Borg, they don't celebrate Christmas and they don't take blood. There is a picture from the 1940's or 50's that show them celebrating Christmas at Bethel and there's a tree behind them with everyone gathered it around it,so, when did Jehovah write an addendum to the bible in the 1940's saying " it is no longer acceptable for JWs to celebrate Christmas ?

    Also everyone knows Dubs don't take blood, what scripture now says you can now take blood fractions? BTW, just where do blood fractions come from? Like a cotton fraction comes from cotton, just where does a "blood fraction come from" and once again, what scripture now says it's OK, the Borg wrote the book on hypocrisy !!

  • Finkelstein

    Hypocrisy shouldn't be surprising to see in the JWS religion.

    One reason that there is an accepted stature of personal redemption that is held to and reconfirmed at every JWS prayer.

    Sins are cleansed away in this process toward the appeal of righteousness.

    Its one of the elements which attracts people to organizations like this and for men there the procurement of power and eternal life to sweeten up the deal.

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    Christians should be Christian 24/7, why are you expected to count the minutes you give a witness to others?

    The hypocrisy is evident when the Kingdom Ministry once responded to a question about family studies that said parents could only report 1 hour and 1 return visit for the family study per week, although the family head clearly spent much more time with his family as a Christian parent.

    Hours = targets, and are used to differentiate between promotions eg Auxiliary Pioneer, Regular Pioneer, Special Pioneer etc.... And rather than trusting the workers they make them report so that low hours workers will be hounded by the elders etc. The whole shebang about counting your time made me sick.

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