TWO for the ROAD

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  • Terry

    These are 2 of my favorite things I've written:



    Fond memories in the pumpkin patch with Henry,
    white carpeting of snowflakes on the lawn. . .
    shy giggling and frosty smiles abounding
    as chirpy birds and squinty squirrels look on.

    The photograph indelible as memory
    I'm holding in an autumn sunburned hand
    a whoosh of wind is rustling all about me
    whispering of lost Octoberland.

    Tiny hands upon the orange pumpkin
    Wide-eyed eager laughter in the chill
    Where's the boy who flew away to summer?
    Tomorrow beckoned him to distant hills.

    Every heart holds tight a fragile moment
    tender to the touch and precious long.
    Fond memories in the pumpkin patch with Henry,
    whispering it's soft October song.

    A poem by Terry Walstrom



    The Goddess of the Green is in her garden
    with hands of tan and wisdom in her spade
    granting to each winter prisoner pardon;
    there her tears and loving kindness laid

    Amidst the sparrows, ants and prickly thistledown
    she wields her spade and shadows fall away;
    A smattering of butterflies come whistle down
    the wind,
    as each and every blossom finds the day

    Cherishing each thirsty autumn seedling
    as she kneels she sets her prayers to ground;
    a chastened, sassy, winter weed clings
    edgewise to her spade,
    so Mother Earth's sweet womb shall soon abound.

    The Goddess of the Green is in her garden
    with eager hands she prunes what falls away
    Life is only built upon what came along and now is gone
    Till secrets of the heart have had their say.

    A poem by Terry Edwin Walstrom

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