Lost my avatar

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  • Listener

    I lost my Avatar (the ballerina) and now I have a completely new one, not the original green one that I had when I joined up.

  • bsmart

    I hope you find your ballerina, if you click your name it will take you to a page where you can change it back to something prettier than your raisin avatar. Maybe you will be able to find her again.

  • Simon

    If you've accidentally clicked the "Refresh Gravatar" button in your profile, it would reset it to whatever is stored in gravatar or else a random image which is now appearing.

    Either upload the image you want to this site or set it in gravatar (using the same email as you registered with) and then click the button to update it.

  • smiddy

    It could be better , you could have lost your virginity .

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