Can this forum mark the "Previously read" post so that I will land on the first unread post next log in?

by notjustyet 4 Replies latest forum suggestions

  • notjustyet

    Basically It would be nice to come to the site and not have to wade through all the previously read ( by me) post on a thread.

    I just want to initially land on the next unread post when I enter a thread. Does anyone know if this can be done or if it already worked that way where are the settings to make it happen.



  • DesirousOfChange

    That would be a great addition.


  • Simon

    Not just yet but some changes I'm working on will make it possible.

    Hopefully it should make it much easier to jump back to the topics you are interested in to see what's new.

  • Oubliette

    That would be awesome Simon: our own personal "Favorites."

    Also, what's the status of the weird line parsing glitch?

  • Vidiot
    The closest thing that I can think of is having the "Latest" topics page saved under your browser Favorites.

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