End Times Religious Deception

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  • piledriver

    Im havent got one ounce of religious fath in me

    saying that because apparently ive been told ,

    Im cold dont show my emmotions .

    Yes i know this is true becuse ive seen loved ones die in my arms tracy age 15 beautiful girl

    my lovelly sister louise died age 18 the list could fill the page of everyone i care for and loved i though i was jinkst

    or that God was testing me ( why god you may ask ) well truthfully i belived in him long time ago .

    So one evening on my bike i just snapped and thought id test him 100mph into a car om m62 yes i died !!!! . nine minuets or so they say lost part of my skull damage my brain ie memmory ect ect therse nothing but emptyness .no heven no hell just here life is heven or hell . Just deppends how or what you make of yourself in the time you have until you die

    So to me what ever man made religion you believe in thats your own thoughts and idealistic personal thoughts wether its wrong or right be happy that your not alone in this life time, if you really want to know i really want to die every day so like i said just be glad you have all been given the greatest gift ever and thats life

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