The Watchtower Letters, part 5

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  • NeonMadman

    Here are the last of the pioneer form letters. Next post in this series, I'll get back to actual correspondence. But I wanted to get these out of the way, because the next personal correspondence I'm going to post has to do with how I stopped pioneering.

    Anyway, the first two-page letter is a "welcome letter" that was issued to new regular pioneers, basically spelling out the rules of the road. The second is a schedule form, to help the pioneer set up a weekly schedule that would allow him or her to make his or her hours consistently. Interestingly, I must have used this to try to make a schedule for myself after I stopped pioneering, since the weekly hours I have pencilled in only add up to 10. I notice that I had "lined out" the goals of 100 magazines, 35 back-calls and 7 Bible studies, as the Society had recently dropped these as required goals for pioneers.

  • SYN

    Talk about micro-management!!!

  • reporter

    wow! Aside from craning my neck 90 degrees to the right to read your schedule , it looks like you got 10 hrs/week on there...I'm assuming that you needed more "free time". In Canada, a certain beer commercial keeps plugging ways in which we can free our time...

    It's amazing, and quite revealing, through all that correspondence, how the WTS as a numbers-based organization comes shining through!

    Numbers, numbers, numbers. Right, JT?

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