MOAB Update (aka Big BLU)

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    NO I am not talking about Utah


    AFP/Defense Department
    Image from video shows MOAB's mushroom cloud.

    Before this week, military officials confirmed that the Air Force had been developing a large conventional bomb but offered few details. On Tuesday, however, the Pentagon revealed that the first live test of MOAB occurred at 1 p.m. at Eglin Air Force Base.

    "It looked like a white mushroom cloud, almost like cotton or smoke you'd see from a fire, kind of billowy," said base spokeswoman Karen Roganov, who watched from a rooftop 30 miles away.

    But MOAB might not be the largest conventional weapon in the arsenal for long. A 30,000-pound weapon called Big BLU (Bomb Live Unit) is being developed and might be available for use in Iraq.

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    As my friend the Joker said: Where does he get all those wonderfull toys??

    Jack Nicholson as The Joker from Batman

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